Digital Deluxe taunts, when are they become available in loot boxes?

I’m aware that buying Digital Deluxe edition would allow the buyers to have a quick access to those five taunts, and the fact the taunts would be timed-exclusive to the buyers as well.

I wonder when they are going to become available for people who didn’t purchase digital deluxe edition?

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It will probably help if you ping @JoeKGBX and possibly even @Jythri so they see this. Jythri might have the answers, and if not then Joe can find out who does. And just a funny thing to note I mistyped does as dies in that last sentence. Totally changed the tone of the sentence alongside the meaning. Awkward. Anyway, corrected. Also, PING.

Thanks! I would love to see those 5 taunts become available for the public before loot event so I could try to acquire those taunts for my collection. :smiley:

There are also the two taunts made available during some tournaments for the participants that were exclusive for 30 days. Those 30 days are up and yet they are still exclusive. I’m not sure what they had planned but I guess I was expecting they’d have been released already. Not everything goes the way you expect it to though. We’ll just have to see what happens I guess. Well, that or nag them incessantly, but that’s not my style. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nowhere have I seen a mention of the Digital Deluxe bonuses being timed exclusives. Not on steam or the official Battleborn site.

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Even if they’re not timed, I’d at least like to see them up on the marketplace (which I think is what happened with the exclusive gold skins). How was I supposed to know that two of the characters with exclusive taunts would become my favourites?

Jup. Wanna have them. They can keep the rest, I really want the,Taunts though.

Never, hopefully. I didn’t pay extra for this game just so everyone else can get the same bonuses without the price.

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The same day premium taunts will become available in loot boxes, logically.