Digital Distribution and Schadenfreude?

So, I’ve been wondering this for a while and haven’t seen anyone else mention it or talk about it. How would the 2 augments Digital Distribution and Schadenfreude work together?

In case you’re not familiar, DD makes it so 75% of health damage you receive is instead redistributed to your clone. Say you take 100 health damage, now you only take 25 and your clone takes the 75. Schadenfreude on the other hand makes it so all damage your clone takes comes back to you as shields. So does that 75 damage your clone took now come back to you in 75 shields? This is mostly wishful thinking, but hey Salvador existed so I dont think this is too far outside of the realm of possibility. Plus, this would be super fricken cool I think to have this synergy work


so good on paper but lots of factors to take in on actual gameplay, like shield recharge rate and delay etc. etc.

we will see.

The way I read it is that the clone takes damage and your shield then gets restored by that amount, the damage on the clone still remains. Everything else would result in invincibility for the clone and potentially for the player as well.

In action it should look like this:
An enemy does 200 damage against Zane with 100 Shield. Zane’s shield breaks, the clone now eats 75 damage and Zane eats 25 (from 100 “overshield” damage total), while restoring 75 shield.