Digital Handsome Collection question

Hi i just want to know if you buy The Handsome Collection digital on the xbox one ,does it come with two separate files or just one file

It will be whatever is on the disc version, after it gets installed to the HDD. MS started this on the 360. Digital releases are images of the discs, and they’re fully interchangeable (disc <-> digital). The save files and updates to one will also work with the other. The One is following the same path. The only difference between versions is that you need the disc in the drive (only as copy protection), if you only buy the disc version.

I preordered it digitally on the xbox one. It pre-downloaded something already. Two separate games now appear in my games pane. Borderlands 2. Borderlands the Pre Sequel. Not like halo master chief where that all went into one app.

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ALSO not like halo master chief in that I consider the Borderlands series superior. Probably because it focuses way more on co-op than Halo does.