Digital Pass Rewards only for 1 account?

So… If my brother and I chipped in to buy the digital deluxe, why am I (the person who used his account to buy the game) the only one to get the skins, taunts, etc.? For god’s sake we’re using the same ps4! How is this fair?

Preordered Battleborn instore to get the gold skins…

And yes, not the only person whom intended on playing the game in this household, we have a shared system (why would we buy more than 1 physical disc copy?)…

But the redemption code provided inside, only worked for 1 player (obviously the one whom entered the code into the PlayStation store redeem code area), it stuck souly to the psn account that entered it, instead of sharing across the board (like downloading a game, not every individual has to buy a copy to play it, it saves to the system)…

Shame when playing splitscreen co-op together on the same system, it’s almost taunting the other player that they too can’t choose a golden skin.

Exactly, every time i’d put on a skin, you could tell my ‘split screen buddy’ was upset. I hope this"ll change(doubt it). Also, I’ll probably be the only one to get a code to unlock the new characters when they come out… he’ll have to do the challenge to unlock them.

notice you need to have an actual account and not a guest account. you need to log in into the servers and you can’t with a guest account. my cousin and i have been playing the game and we both got skins and taunts.

Also notice, when you unlock one, it’s the user that gets it, they are not shared, so your bro needs to unlock them into his own account.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what your saying… are you and your cousin using different accounts or are you using a ‘player 2’? And if your using different accounts, are you saying you both were able to get the skins?

I’m in the same situation
Me and my brother use different PSN accounts so does this mean we both get the content in the digital deluxe pack. Also are the DLC shared

nope, different accounts.

yep. we both got some nice skins every now and then.

Oh so your talking about the skins you unlock in game… I’m talking about the ones you get from the digital deluxe edition

My guess is that if you have to download the dlc’s , then they should be ‘shareable’… however with the skins, taunts, etc., we didn’t download them.

That makes sense

Same here. Purchased it entirely on my gf’s psn, and I don’t get any deluxe benefits but she gets all of it. I basically blew all my money for it and I get nothing. I wish gearbox could help :frowning:

Yeah, I was really bummed out to discover this too… My boyfriend actually preordered the digital deluxe for this game because I was super-excited about it [and I mean really excited]. Needless to say, he’s also pretty deflated now that he knows the DLC perks only work on his account.

But like…was I supposed to buy the same DLC/season pass just to get the same stuff? Or were we expected to preorder 2 copies of the same digital download just so we’d both get what came with it all? I don’t understand.

DLC is supposed to only be new characters and new maps. Bonuses are account tied so i’m pretty sure those wont get shared. Just like the codes, they’re account tied not machine specific

After all the issue i’ve seen regarding this, i’m now pretty positive that skins/taunts are account tied and not considered DLC