Digital Pre-Oder 2K store not received

I pre-ordered a digital copy through the 2k store and still didn’t received my key. I am tired of waiting since everyone around me already has the game installed and ready to play when it releases in a few hours. They bought it through Epic.

Now my question is. How can I cancel my Paypal pre-order? So I can just buy it from Epic directly since 2K is incapable of doing this thing properly.

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try here before canceling

They ask for a password. They never gave me one through my Paypal order.

Check your 2k store order confirmation email. Its listed under payment information

I only have a Paypal confirmation e-mail.

Same boat as me then… Can do nothing but cross my fingers at this point

Would be nice if we knew how to cancel the Paypal purchase and buy it through Epic instead.

You can try contacting 2K support or paypall support.
maybe both?

Thanks for the help of thought. Unfortunately all has been tried before coming to this forum. 4 support tickets later, no password at all to check the purchase.

‘‘Password forgotten’’ also doesn’t work on all channels I tried. It is just one big shith0le.

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