Digital Pre-Order 2K - Still not recieved

I pre-ordered the digital copy of Borderlands 3 through 2K. I still haven’t received my digital key, meanwhile, all my friends are already able to download the game.

Anyone else with this issue? I am afraid that I won’t be able to play with the release coming in a few hours…

I already posted multiple support tickets without any luck. I have received a payment confirmation from Paypal. I tried to lookup my order but their asking me for my order number and password. I have my order number but never ever had to create some kind of account anywhere. I have no clue what password they are reffering too. I tried making a 2k account, shift account, my Epic password everything but nothing actually works.

Sorry you’re experiencing this situation. You may want to try the solution outlined in the first paragraph of this post (also a PayPal-2K order) for trying to get access to your order information:

Hope that helps.

Not working, but thanks.

DigitalRiver Order Lookup

Link doesn’t work. Either way, find my order requires a Order Number and Password. They never gave me a password with my Paypal order.