Digstruck peak run

I want someone on x1 to do digstruck peak frim lvl 2 to 8… EliteQc iDStroy send message

Imo, you don’t need a partner in DP from Level 1 till Level 4.

You might need some help -or really good loot- at level 5 and up though.

Yeah, but i was looking for someone op 8 that could rush me through the whole thing

Wouldn’t work. It scales to the highest leveled guy.

But you can use OP 8 weapons with a Level 72 char if you unlocked OP 8. So yeah, it can work.

I’m 72 at op 3… If the game setup is set at op 4 it would work i guess… Anyway, someone with good weapons could help me get op 8…