Digstruct Peak, Please Help

So im having a REALLY hard time getting to OP1, yeah my weapons SUCK! i need help if sombody can 1. give me weapons that are good and 2. help me get to OP 8 or something like that. Thanks

PSN: dyljen007

I will be on around 3:15 UTC A.K.A Austraian time tomorrow

to op1? i help with my op8 siren.

Yo I’ll be happy to goin

@DONY what op level are you?

I’ve just started and I’m op1

well i have op8 siren op6 gunzerker op2 mechro op1 zero, siren

Cool shouldn’t be too hard then

well if you playing solo it can be on higher levels

Yeah I tried that I wasn’t getting far

i can help you as well if needed

R u gonna level up your op1 or use op8

for helping op8. i may start my op 1 characters

Cool add me LowTemper10

what character are you using for op1 and higher?