Diluvian Firestorm

Does anyone have this for trade?

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Still looking for this grenade.

i have that

What do you want for it?

nothing you gave me a deathless relic yesterday it’s my way to pay you back :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks


Have anymore willing to work a trade

Looking for that grenade. Anyone want to trade?

I can trade you add me BokosGaming

You I have extras add me BokosGaming

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My psn is ThePolarBoot what would you like for it?

Can I get a duluvian firestorm too been grinding for a 4 days no luck

What does the diluvian exaxtly do? I’ve seen a lot asking for rain / large - firestorm. Not this one

Yep, I needs this also.
P.S. anyone willing to come off one?

It combines the effect of rain and large so it’s essential both in one (and obviously better than either)

I have a diluvian firestorm. Looking for a really good anointed Cryo Lucians call or fire Rowan’s call

Weeks of grinding and I still can’t find this blooming grensde mod ha ha

I’ve been farming since I first heard of the grenade and still can’t get it