Dinklebot can kiss my dinkleass!

What is the purpose of this “boss”? He drops a “legendary” loot-o-gram that when turned in…gives you some white piece of trash at Earl’s. Seriously…what a waste of time. “loot”-o-gram my ass! Ass-o-gram!


With a name like that he was destined to be a joke.

Or is that, Destiny’d :wink:



I always assumed since Dinklebot was so hated and badly done this was the intent.

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After a buuuuunch of Loot-O-Grams (75+) Earl has a chance to give you a Legendary.

It’s just a crappy-ish world drop IIRC. Not worth it.


Why would anyone waste their time on that? Kill one boss. Any other boss. Get multiple legendary items. They probably all have some stupid anointment but at least you didn’t waste half your life to get it.

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He’s simply a destiny reference in every way to dinkle bot and the notorious cryptarch

Never used this feature , I did not even bother to look for whatever his name is bot :rofl:

Crazy Earl is a dedicated source of the butcher and one other legendary I can’t remember off the top of my head. I got one with a single loot-o-gram on my Amara play through. It’s just a meme for the most part.

You know… that’s literally the joke.

Butcher, Lucien’s Call and Wagon Wheel. But you are honestly better off just farming the stuff from bosses.

I think his leg was originally a dedicated drop but got added to the world loot pool later. Now its just an easter egg.

Exactly, Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lanister in Game of Thrones voiced the players ghost in Destiny, hence the nickname “Dinklebot”.

Master Rahool the Cryptarch who decoded looted engrams had a nasty habit of converting a Purple engram into a blue or green reward and also became known as “Knob sorter” (That’s doorknobs you mucky bunch) :wink:

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Blue and green if you were lucky lol white was his favourite colour lol

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Yes he was a total “Redacted” :rofl:

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The title of this thread really gave me a good laugh cause I know how you feel :joy:

I have been through that area so many times but I don’t think I have encountered Dinklebot. Or if I did I never got the Loot-O-Gram.

Dinklebot originally was a rare spawn, I think. He drops the Loot-O-Gram every time, though.

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seen a vid months ago where a couple of friends submitted a crapload of loot-o-grams :rofl:

i think they got 2 legendaries out of god knows how many L-O-G’s :rofl:

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