Direct x 12 fixed?

I saw a couple YouTube videos today that showed on average 10 to 15 higher frames per second in DirectX 12 over 11 so have the DirectX 12 issues been fixed and should I be using that now?

I’m playing on a 6 core i7 5820 (all core oc of 4.6ghz), 32 gigs ddr4 and a 2080ti ftw3 ultra

thank you

There are two things:

I can run 12 on Badass and get fantastic performance after a brief warm up period.

If I try to record, it falls apart


One thing I did notice in the different tests on YouTube was that dx12 mode was essentially using 80- 100% CPU although in all the videos I watched they were 4 core machines. I wish I had time to test it right now but I’ll do it tomorrow and post back my findings.

I’ll also try to capture with OBS, shadowplay and the Xbox game bar and see if that causes any issues.

I’d really love if they got dx12 performance nailed down because I’m just shy of being able to max this game out at 4k60. In dx11 I can get 3200x1800 at 60 with everything but volumetrics on ultra so I’m thinking dx12 could get me over that last hurdle. Hell if I can run metro Exodus at 4k60 (no dlss) on ultra with Ray tracing on high I should be able to do it here.

I’m only getting about 50% CPU use max. I don’t try to capture but hopefully that issue is fixed. If I did try to capture I’d use separate laptop and an elgato hd60 so that shouldn’t effect anything.

I have an AMD based computer and it runs badass 1080 at 80ish FPS from what my metrics tell me

From what I’ve read, usage being close to 100% is ideal, because it means that you’re not bleeding processing in other places? But that’s just the impression I got