Director Neill Blomkamp "was" (now IS) (now ISN'T) working on new Alien Movie

(Mr Yutani) #21

in Cameron’s defense, the space smurfs made 1000% more money than Aliens…and I’m sure he gets a bigger return on it.

True. Very true but I never really saw what all the fuss was about regarding Avatar. I was excited to see the film when it came out 5 years ago but I was somewhat disappointed with it…cool film, but far from his best work. I’d pick Terminator 2 or Aliens over Avatar any day of the week.

(Jake Armitage ) #22

100% agree. The 3D melted my face off. Take that out…an okay movie. T2 is his crowning achievement. Abyss gets short changed a lot, I’d put that pretty high too

(Damien Azreal) #23

Avatar is an overrated piece.
There is honestly nothing about the film that I enjoyed at all. I rented it simply because everyone was raving about it… and hated it. My wife fell asleep while watching.

A few years later, I tried rewatching it… only to come away with the feeling that I hate it even more.
Personally, it’s his worst film.
Blue Smurfy Cats in Furn Gully copying Dances with Wolves while on an acid trip is not a good film.

T2, True Lies, The Abyss… those are awesome films. Avatar… is a steaming pile of meh.

(Jake Armitage ) #24

not gonna fight you on it. But you watched it at home…I REALLY can’t stress enough how much the 3D made it more of an experience. Thought it was awesome in the theater. When I got it on Blu-ray a couple years ago, I popped it in the player, sat back…and realized I’d made a horrible mistake.

That said, if it was still playing on a 3D IMAX screen around here…I’d buy a ticket

(Damien Azreal) #25

If I can’t enjoy a film without the need of a gimmick (like 3D) there’s a fundamental flaw with the film.

3D should be why a film is good, it should enhance what is good about the film.
And personally, I don’t like 3D. I’ve seen several movies in theaters in 3D… and all of them, I’ve preferred at home on normal Blu-Ray without 3D.

And sorry, but no amount of 3D is going to fix the bad writing, bland characters… lazy plot devices and ripped off stories in Avatar. The year Avatar came out, I saw another film… a film I enjoyed MUCH more.
To me it had better pacing, acting, writing, direction… stronger effects and while not a completely original narrative (but really, nothing is original) it presented it’s plot in a less forced manor.
And that film was District 9.

(Qmzn) #26

I’ll jump in out of lurk mode here and second what D_A is saying. Avatar is a great modern example of a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It may have set the benchmark for 3D cinema, but to me, that qualifies it more as a tech demo than a passable 3-act film.

Pacific Rim, for example, is one of the ultra-flashiest CG extravaganzas I’ve seen, but there’s still an effort to set up structured narrative, using gaps between the physics-defying action to add needed dimension to the comic-booky characters. Therefore, when a robot impossibly swings an oil tanker like a sword, I shrug it off with a laugh.

But when “scientists” in Avatar prattle on about “Unobtanium” shortly after introducing a parade of bland, one-dimensional characters (including hard-ass military guy and generic corporate slimeball), there’s no recovering from that nose dive. Also… ponytail sex? Seriously?

On the original topic, I do love a good set of preproduction pics, and these are extra nice. I wish stuff that nice could see the light of day as a film. Sorry to be pessimistic, but I think the Alien movie franchise is sorta screwed, much like Terminator. At best, an Alien script will eventually pass through Hollywood’s colon after a dozen rewrites, some desperate sub-par director will drag the project over the finish line, and the result will be something sad, incoherent and embarrassing that we’ll hopefully be smart enough not to pay full price to watch.

I just hope it’s called Aliens: Turbographics so it matches up with Terminator: Genisys.

(Mr Yutani) #27

And that film was District 9.

I must admit that was a bad ass film. I remember there was talk of a sequel years ago but I wonder if it makes sense to still make it.

(Watcher on the wall) #28

Ah District 9 was a good one. Underrated I think. And Avatar is most definitely overrated. Most of the good things people say about it concerns the 3D aspect of it. Thats all Ive ever heard people boast about. 3D dosnt make a movie automatically good.

(Jake Armitage ) #29

Just so everyone is clear, I’m not saying Avatar is a great movie, just that the 3D was awesome.

(Influencer Guy) #30

But 3D, @Damien_Azreal3D!!! :smiley:

(Alex) #31

I would love to see a new good Alien movie! it’s been too long

(Damien Azreal) #32

Yes @joekgbx 3D makes everything better!

… ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’… well, guess 3D doesn’t make everything better.

(Jake Armitage ) #33

Ugh…there was never a moment, pre or post release, where i said to myself "Oh good! THAT got made.) Such a far fall from Usual Suspects

(Pulser) #34

Bit of an update!

(Influencer Guy) #35

Here’s one I was just about to post. Probably comparable info:

(Damien Azreal) #36

Please dear god let Neill make this. He has turned out to be one of my favorite new directors, and the idea of him taking on the Alien universe… is… perfect. Just. Perfect.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #37

Hui…I know off topic…sorry

but did anyone played evolved yet?!?

JESUS…this game is a tamper!!! You pay 50 bucks for the core game, and you have to pay for the monster ingame, ON TOP…WTF?!? :joy:

And the gameplay is a joke! Were is the revolution?!? It´s like Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament, nothing special on it…Bug Hunt is wa better! :smile:

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So make a new topic?

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This belongs in the Games and Tech sub-forum. Not here.

(Alien Survivor96) #40

Hey troops–I just read something about this recently and it seems like this Aliens Sequel is a " REAL" possibility.They said Neil was talking to Ripley and the Fox peeps might consider it?Is this accurate 411?I would love another Aliens movie/sequel…