Director Neill Blomkamp "was" (now IS) (now ISN'T) working on new Alien Movie

(Wedgegtx1) #61

Tom Woodruff jr with his son David, testing the Hicks make up FX…

(Damien Azreal) #62

Neill making an Alien film is instantly top of my “MUST SEE” list. :smiley:

(Jake Armitage ) #63

20 years of wrongs officially about to be righted!!!

Its “Alien” and “Aliens”… That’s it! Whooowho! No more mystery egg. No more cryo-sleep body swap! No clones! And LV-426 is still a cloud of vapor the size of Nebraska! I’m genuinely jacked for this now!

(Damien Azreal) #64

If the concept art is anything to go by… LV-426 isn’t a cloud of vapor.
The concept art does show the Derelict in a hanger… most likely being examined by WY.

The atmosphere processing station most likely took out a large portion of the planet, and probably Hadley’s Hope… but LV-426 is still there.

But, I’m even more excited for this. I was completely sold the minute Neill said he was doing it, and with every piece of info since… I’m more and more excited for it.

(Jake Armitage ) #65

Could be another Derelict, if its gonna pull in “Prometheus” (not saying its a good idea). Is it ever said how far Hadley’s was from the derelict?

But YES! Jacked for this!

(Kalki) #66

Directors reputations mean little to me anymore. Hope this doesn’t end up like Superman Returns that was dated despite a contemporary veneer. It’s Aliens so I’m cautiously optimistic about the whole thing.

(Pulser) #67

Subject title updated.

(Mr Yutani) #68

So if this film takes place after Aliens and ignores Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection, then I have a few questions:

1 - Are they thinking about bringing back Sigourney Weaver & Michael Biehn? It’s been almost 30 years since Aliens and they haven’t exactly aged well enough to pass for people 30 years younger than they are now.

2 - If they don’t bring Sigourney & Michael back, will fans accept different actors in the same role? I’m thinking not but who knows.

3 - Should Alien 3 be treated as a cryosleep nightmare? I’d like that idea honestly since the assembly cut of Alien 3 is a worthy addition to the franchise, but Alien Resurrection was garbage and rightfully should be ignored.

4 - Should Sharlto Copley be in the film? If Blomkamp is directing do we really even have a choice?

(Jake Armitage ) #69

1, 2, & 3 - Seems he is intent on using Weaver and Biehn. even at the easiest explanation, that they drifted in cryo for 30yrs, its still a better and more logical starting point than Alien 3’s mystery egg. or they do a LOT of special effects work like in X-men Last Stand were they “erased” the wrinkles on Mackellen and Stewart.

4 - Copley is dope. love him in the A-team

(Mr Yutani) #70

Seems he is intent on using Weaver and Biehn. even at the easiest explanation, that they drifted in cryo for 30yrs

I thought of that, but then Ripley drifted in space for 57 years before Aliens and basically didn’t really age. So in this case they’re just going to say that she drifted in space for 30 years and something went wrong with the cryotubes so they actually aged? I suppose that could work but honestly what may make more sense at this point is to just recast Ripley & Hicks.

(Jake Armitage ) #71

valid point. or cyro sleep slows the aging process, not stop it all together? and if the concept art is how the movie is going to be, could be hundreds of years of sleep. That would explain the natural habitat that’s been able to grow and the massive structures that are built if this is LV-426. Dunno, I just want Weaver and Biehn back, however that works out.

(Mr Yutani) #72

Well Sigourney Weaver looked good for her age in Avatar & Chappie, but Michael Biehn looks a bit…worn down. If Blomkamp can figure out a good way to explain their aging then great. But if he’s trying to literally start this film where Aliens left off its not going to work because they don’t look like they did 30 years ago. And besides, 30 years after the events of Aliens means there may not be any Pulse Rifles, and you know we can’t have that :slight_smile:

(Wedgegtx1) #73

Why they can’t use Pulse Rifles 30 years later? The M16 and AK 74 variants are still in service in the US and RU army, after more than 40 years. Also, Hicks’ shotgun is in Aliens really-really old model, so hoorah for the “personal friend of mine”. :smile:

(Damien Azreal) #74

Sigourney is pretty much already on board.
She’s said she has been talking with Blomkamp since filming CHAPPiE and now that it’s actually happening, she’s completely on board to give the character of Ripley a proper ending.

Biehn on the other hand, nothing’s been said or heard of from his side since this all started up.
On one hand, I could see him coming back… but again, he doesn’t really seem overly interested is trying to rekindle his old “action” film shine these days.

And, as for Mr_Yutani’s #4… “should Sharlto Copley be in the film?”
Yes. Hell Yes. Undeniably, completely and totally HELL YES! Sharlto is awesome. I love him is damn near every film he’s been in.
And I love the fact that if it wasn’t for District 9 and Neill… we might not have his awesomeness in film.

(Mr Yutani) #75

Why they can’t use Pulse Rifles 30 years later? The M16 and AK 74
variants are still in service in the US and RU army, after more than 40

Well Pulse Rifles we’ren’t in Alien Resurrection because the timeline had shifted 200 years from the events of Alien 3, justifying their absence. I’m afraid that with a potential shift of 30 years between Aliens and this new film that might be an excuse for them to not have Pulse Rifles in the film. I hope that’s not the case though…I’d love to see all of the old Aliens weaponry appear in the new film.

(Kalki) #76

Blomkamp admits he messed up on Elysium:

Also Sharlto Copley for the twitchy Synthetic?

(Alien Survivor96) #77

There better be Pulse Rifles in this new Aliens movie --But im thinking a Futuristic Pulse Rifle.It depends how far ahead this movie takes place-How long they slept in cryo.Id love to see the old weapons but if this takes place 100 years later,then I want to see some sweet a$$ futuristic weaponry.I want the special effects to be so awesome in this movie that after the movie ends-- we gotta pick up our jaws that uncontrollably dropped on the floor.

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(Alien Survivor96) #79

If Hicks is back–they have to bring Nute back!!Right?Do you guys want to see Nute in this movie?

(Alien Survivor96) #80

This also has to be the longest period of time a movie has gone without a sequel.Not counting Alien3 and A.R.Which I actually liked the directors cut of Alien 3 and I thought Alien Ressurrection was good.Not great.But 30 years until a sequel to one of the greatest movies ever made ; )