Directors cut behind the scenes not working ps4

Hey guys, my first Post here…
I’ve searched the forum for this issue but couldn’t seem to find anything about it here…

So recently I bought the directors cut
Platform PS4

I can’t access the videos,audios, or pictures from “behin the scenes”
Just a blank white (or sometimes grayish) screen.

When I hit X or square, nothing happens.
I reinstalled the game twice.
All addons are active, everything else works fine, except the “behind the scenes” content…

Any suggestions?

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Wow, that is a helpful comments :+1:

Already been reported to 2k Support Team. Dev Team is on it and filed a Bug report.
Support Team from 2K is on it aswell.

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The unamused faces are for the QA team at GBX

Gotchu buddy :ok_hand:t3:

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I have the same problem with director’s cut no solution yet, any response from developers team?

Hey teopanta360.
At the time, unfortunately no.
What worked for me in the mean time is this:

1.Uninstall the game with all the add ons (backup save game first :smile: )
2. Clear the cache from your PS4
3. Reinstall bl3 and every addon, each after another.
4. When installed, start the game normally.
5. Continue your state of your game.
6. Exit right out again all the way to the welcome screen.
7. Now enter main menu again and navigate to “behind the scenes” section.

This pretty much worked for me somehow… and I really don’t know why :man_shrugging:t2:

Well sometimes I still get the issue I described in my 1st comment, but when I exit and enter the welcome screen a couple of times, it somehow does the trick

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Same issue. Please fix this, gearbox. Thank you! :wink::innocent::sweat_smile:

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