Directors cut delay

Weather pushed the release back to April 8th now

There was a natural disaster, so it really is justifiable.


I have zero problems with a delay. I hope that the devs will take as much extra time as is needed to (a) make the new content as bug-free as possible and (b) address as many of the known bugs and broken interactions in the existing content.

I would rather have a delay, however long is required, than to have the new content create further bugs.


100% understandable.

I mean, I’m in Texas too and experienced this first-hand. It was BRUTAL.


If it is caused by such a catastrophic events, I think no one should complain about the delay. Maybe they’ll put more thought behind the upcoming patch buff, nerfs and fixes, who knows


I know I am good with delays as long as it addresses the issues that this game has had since its release. Playing the other side of the coin though I am apprehensive because a lot of the problems BL3 has have been an issue since it was released and that was prior to COVID and the recent natural disaster.

By now they certainly know what they are addressing and could easily inform us but we all know how GBX is when it comes to effective communication short of hyping their latest and greatest. Tin foil hat rabbit hole says they don’t want to tell us because it might not be much and it would certainly take a bite of the sales of the next DLC.

Personal feelings aside on how I feel about GBX as a company, I am glad that their employees are safe and well.

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Also announced here:

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Gotta say I never thought they’d put the R.Y.N.A.H. in the game so late, and without a single change to it as well. I wonder what their thought process was.

I think they just tossed it in to appease the masses. they didn’t really think about it or they would have made sure it could drop with an anointment.

I fully understand why they had to delay and am entirely comfortable with that, but the rest of the hotfix is sketchy. Some buffs that haven’t made much difference. A new RL that can’t come anointed. Castrating the White Elephant just because Moxsy made a build called Game Breaker…

They should have just anounced a delay and left it at that until they were properly ready to implement the new patch.

2/10 GBX

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Is it me or are noelle’s post kinda lifeless now?


If I had to be the face of the developers and basically the messenger for every player’s “F u c k you Gearbox” over every nerf, my posts would probably start being lifeless too.


And i have one super specific question…what’s a R.Y.N.A.H? Like a super specific weapon?

PS: i was worried i had put Doritos instead of Directors in the title.

The R.Y.N.A.H. is a torgue launcher that shoots 2 slow orbs which chain to nearby enemies with radiation arcs and after some time despawn, or hit something and explode, releasing radiation rockets that hit all the enemies that got hit by the arcs. The only downside to this weapon is that it costs 8 ROCKET AMMO PER SHOT! and has a ridiculus long reload. Also, it currently cannot come with an anoint.

It was coded in the game since the beginning and I actually save edited one to my Moze, with the 300/90 anointment. I can testify that this thing is a BEAST but it just isn’t worth the 8 ammo count. Still, I highly recomend getting one for yourself, it’s a fun, strong weapon and very spectacular too.

Edit: Fun fact, there are also some other weapons that are encoded in the game and I recognise some of them to be prototypes for other weapons already existing in the game:
The Bite Size is what became the Duc
The Ice Age is what became the Nukem. It’s actually really fun to use, but it has double the splash radious of the nukem and half the damage. It’s also cryo if you couldn’t tell by the name.
The Mysterious Amulet is an artifact that I THINK references the starting gift “Pendant” from the Dark Souls 1 game, which does absolutelly nothing.

This weapon sounds badass to have and wonder where it has been all this time. I hope i can score it. But that is a lot of ammo. Wonder who will benefit from it the most

I can testify that Moze can make good use of it. As for the Ammo, the cutpurse is the way to go.

I haven’t used it yet but the RYNAH looks like it is basically a radiation-locked Lump with about double the base damage, no ability to be anointed, and greater ammo consumption per shot. Is that about right?

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Yes that is correct

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Even if there wouldn’t have been a natural disaster I am almost always for delaying a product rather than fixing it afterwards. And so I’m absolutely for it here, too. If I want to play hyper-unfinished games I get my hand on any of 2k’s wrestling games of the last 5 years. And it’s really not as if I didn’t have a backlog anyway.

So Gearbox, take your time and get DLC6 out when it’s done.


Share those rose tinted glass ? :slight_smile:
Fully complete bug free games in 2021 ? >.<
Not that i mind the delay but games always get fixed after release these days Q.Q


It’s not rose tinted glasses, I just don’t stress myself out about something I cannot change anyway.
And you’re right, nowadays there is no game that comes out and is completely bug-free, but as long as the bugs that are there cannot be anything but visual stuff or clipping, then I’m fine with that. There is indeed a generally acceptable level of bugs in a game, but there will always be work to do on any modern game. No game is perfect, no game is truly bug-free. And Borderlands 3 for sure isn’t either. Its just that there are bugs that we as players don’t really need to cry about. And then there are bugs like the infamous “Wall” in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel xD

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