Director's Cut fantasy

Arms Race sounds like it will be taking steps toward a traditional, raid-focused shooter aesthetic, especially with the removal of skill trees and such, so it might seem reasonable to think Director’s Cut would follow suit. I’m not expecting myself to do much of that, although I’m excited for the new trees – both of which owe to my slower reflexes due to a neurological condition. But I still hope for a more balanced offering later on, and here’s the type of thing I hope for.

I know Fallout 4’s introduction of the settlement system wasn’t universally applauded, but I loved it, mainly because I like to live in my games as I play, and having the opportunity to create as well as destroy added a great deal of longevity for me. I’ve hoped for some sort of display component to Borderlands from the beginning, and my personal quarters were a welcome addition.

That said, the guns are the attraction, so I would love even more to have the ability to expand and customize my storage space. I love that I can mount my guns, and I love that I can exhaustively inspect every little component in the inventory screen, but what if I could do both? What if I could get a projector to cast a flickering item card on the wall behind it? What if I could have more than just one mount for every type of gun? What if I could customize my display based on the weapon types I spend the most time with?

And, going even further, what if I could expand on the limited ability to equip guns in places other than my own hands? What if I could outfit the Garrison at some stronghold, giving frontline soldiers, or even commandos, the best gear? I don’t know how it would tie into larger game and/or feedback loop, but if there were a way, it would be absolutely incredible.

I know I might be alone in these types of tastes, and I don’t necessarily expect any of this to happen. But, for me, any expansion on places to put my best loot other than my body, my backpack, or my bank would be a “shut up and take my money“ moment.