Director's Cut IS available for me, BUT HOW DO I ACCESS IT on PS4?


I bought the 2nd expansion pack a few months ago, Big {rectum} update/upgrade/whatever happened and I did a restart for the PS4. I looked at the PS4 “shopping” thingy, to verify that I do own it. YUP! I own the “Director’s Cut”.

How in the {heck} do I access this?

Yeah… I’m kind of brain-damaged from a stroke in 2011.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for ANY help you can give me, and have a great day!

Highlight the game on the crossbar (don’t click on the game). Press down until you see an option for PSN store. To the right there should be an option showing DLC owned. Click on that. Highlight the what you want and click. It should take you to a download screen. Click download, wait til done, and it should be in game. Happy hunting!

You need to search on the PS Store. I searched for “Borderlands” and scrolled down the results. Then you should be able to see it and download it. Hope this helps.

Yeah… I tried the suggestions but “no soap”.
Yes, I do own/bought it already, I tried looking at it on the PS Store, and it says “purchased”. I looked at the {DLC} list when I start, but no “Directors Cut”.


Thank you for your time and have a happy Borderlands day!

OK… I admit it, I started the game, went to the DLC menu, and I actually scrolled down… and there it is…

Sorry, I am officially a {butt}hole.

I give everyone permission to call me a {pee-nice} head :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: