Director's Cut PS5 issues

After the game updated today, my main Moze save has reverted back to when I first imported from PS4. 5k eridium lost, and all my DLC weapons tell me I can’t use them without getting those DLCs (which I already have. Just perfect.

Make sure you downloaded Director’s Cut for PS5 version (11GB, when PS4 version of the dlc is 29GB) and you are playing PS5 version of the game.

I didn’t switch versions myself, but I think it did download the PS4 version of director’s cut now that I’m looking at it. But when I start up the PS5 version it errors out. I’ll see if I can delete it.

Now that I’m looking, Director’s Cut is in my PS5 storage section. I’m not sure what’s going on with this

I guess it switched automatically after the update.

The Director’s Cut download said PS4 and PS5. There’s only one version, but it’s making me download it again. This is very odd.

I had two files in the download list, one for PS5 and one for PS4. If you are not using PS4 version of the game you can delete it.

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that’s how mafia works

Go to downloads and check the version, make sure you are downloading PS5 version of dlc.
You can go to system setting, storage and check details of PS5 version of the game.

After downloading the newer Director’s Cut download dated today I pictured second, and switching the game to PS5 mode (still not sure how it switched) it seems to be working without errors now.