Directors Cut should:

Amen! Die Ava die!

I think it should retcon some things in the vein of “alternate universe outcome” sort of thing.

In other words, just give us UVHM where the story is changed ever so slightly.

Like maybe Tyreen dies instead of Troy, so we can see the conversation between Troy and Typhoon.

Or maybe Tyreen leeches Graveward and then something else happens to get us to Nekrotafayo.

Or maybe Ava dies instead of Maya (please this one).

Then there is some reason to play through the story again.


or least make it so maya live’s someway, as her death was poorly done and quite cheap for such good character as i feel they dumbed down maya in bl3 compared to bl2…or maybe its just me.


Not to start with the BS that Troy had far better control over the siren powers then Maya…

I really hated the twins… And I do not mean that in a good way… Pain and terror would have been better badguys… The twins where the worst characters I’ve ever seen… And you couldn’t f’in skip their f’in bulls… :expressionless:


Ava must DIE!

I think that GBX had a perfect opportunity to go with the “split the twins” theme as a full storyline and plot/action driver in BL3. The groundwork was already there. They were conjoined at birth and had to be physically split. But Troy was still leeching from Tyreen in order to stay alive. Troy is obviously resentful based on side looks and dialogue, as is Tyreen regarding her need to keep him alive even after she was rid of him physically. Troy finally gets his own Siren power and starts to come into his own, changing the relationship dynamic - he obtains his own followers, he creates the Anointed (and anointed gear), etc. Tyreen takes exception to this shift in the relationship dynamic and tries to maintain/regain dominance, and so forth. Again, the groundwork was all there but they never took it further.

For example, comments by the VHs or NPCs could have been made early on in dialogue to plant seeds of doubt in either or both of the Twins’ minds about each other, or to reinforce ones that were already there. Then once Troy gets his powers, the vault hunters could begin to act as true catalysts and prybars to force a real separation between the twins that leads to a faction war, disrupting Maliwan’s carefully laid plans (or perhaps Maliwan is the instigator?) A House divided cannot stand, and so the COV juggernaut becomes vulnerable and the VHs and Crimson Raiders take advantage, knocking out key installations, recovering artifacts, etc., etc.

Perhaps after sustained losses on both sides of the Twin Faction War, the two siblings realize the greater threat and grudgingly come together to drag the moon towards Pandora. We still have the Troy fight, but now there is real menace in his draining Tyreen for power. The act of killing Troy becomes a double-edged choice because it is clear that doing so will not only stop the moon/key from opening Pandora but will inadvertently save Tyreen, allowing her to escape. Her subsequent weakness after the fight then leads to desperation and so she takes higher risks that then drive her to the end stage where she merges with the vault monster. Thus we arrive at the same key places in the storyline, but we get there in a completely different manner that strengthens the overall narrative experience. Then you can eliminate the whole Ava/Lilith nonsense altogether without sacrificing dramatic tension.

But to be honest, I think the real issue with the narrative in BL3 is that they tried to do too much with too many character stories and ended up with incomplete versions that were either meaningless (Tyreen VS Troy dynamic) or counter-productive (Ava/Maya/Lilith).

First there is the Sibling Rivalry storyline with Tyreen and Troy, as I suggested above. Again I say that the groundwork laid for this is obvious in various dialogue and cutscenes between the twins (and has been suggested by others in this forum), but GBX just never pursued it. Perhaps this struggle was meant to mirror a larger struggle with the Eridians, The Guardians and the Sirens (and/or Vault Hunters), but we never got to find out.

Then there is the “Passing of the (Siren) Torch” and Coming of Age/Redemption Story of Ava, with Maya’s death representing another in a string of losses for Ava during her short life. Lilith could still become a target of Ava’s misplaced anger towards Maya, her parents and ultimately towards herself. But rather than enabling such obviously immature attitudes, the Sanctuary crew should have acted as surrogate trusted mentors for Ava and helped guide her through her crisis (I am not going to get into why this did not occur as it becomes a whole discussion on the maturity level of the NPCs in general and that whole topic could compose an entire thread.). Tina could possibly have been a perfect mentor in this respect, given her own journey with her own parents’ and then Roland’s deaths, but she and the B-Team were not even on board.

Then there is Lilith’s Hero-Leader-Guardian story Arc as the third major character story in the game. Lilith’s evolution as a character has been building since the first Borderlands game and in my opinion has been dragged out for far too long. Lilith should have completed her transformation into a confident leader during BL2, and certainly at the end of The Fight for Sanctuary. But instead we see her questioning herself all throughout BL3 to the point where she allows and thus validates Ava’s behavior because of her own confidence crisis and we ended up with the whole “Run towards the fire” as some sort of magical epiphany for one of the most senior vault hunters.

I contend that there was no need for Lilith to be broken down in order for her to sacrifice herself at the end. She could and should have been a strong leader all throughout the game and that this lack of character strength weakened the overall story. Instead of being indecisive based on a lack of self-confidence, Lilith could have remained strong and steady, but in a manner that came across as too cold and uncaring. For example, Lilith could have been the one to forbid Ava from joining Maya and the VH to go after the Promethean vault. Lilith could also have been harsh with Ava, cutting her off in mid-rant when Ava started blaming Lilith for Maya’s death, etc. during the eulogy (and Lilith could have given the Eulogy instead of the voice actress’ alter-ego, Tannis) This then might have garnered some level of sympathy towards a grieving Ava’s reactions. Then Lilith’s evolution during the rest of the game would be to merge her empathy as a hero with her responsibility and strength as a leader to take it up a level and become a true guardian (of the galaxy?) when she Phase Walks/Shifts the moon.

Hell, the only character with a story that was given any justice that I can see is Typhon Deleon. We get his backstory in echo-logs and Tannis fan-girl dialogue and learn a lot about his personality. When we finally meet him in person we learn/confirm he is just a regular guy, even moreso than we are as it turns out. We learn about his personal character through his dialogue about his life, his wife and their relationship, and his kids, whom he takes responsibility for - a breath of fresh air in a universe where the main characters are unwilling or unable to act mature. Typhon then “man’s” up and goes against his own kids in the end because it is the right thing to do and pays the ultimate price for his courage.

All these (mostly half-baked) stories leave little room for the Vault Hunters’ own stories to be played out against the backdrop of the war(s) and threat to the universe, weakening the overall playthrough experience. Again I say that GBX took on too much on the narrative end and that is one of the major reasons, if not the core underlying reason, that the storyline sucks and the main game is so hard for franchise fans to play through. If I could see anything coming out of Director’s Cut it would be to revise the entire narrative to be more coherent, complete and thus meaningful.


I feel that was probably the narrative arc they were going for.

Slightly off topic, but if they make a pre-sequel for this game I’d love to see Typhon DeLeon, Leda Calypso, Azlan DeVega and the Siren Queen Dido from Athenas (maybe?) be the vault hunters.

They could even make it a DLC , using assets and the original maps from BL3 with some slight changes from the passing of the time.


I wish we got a dlc that continues the story of the base game. Like sure, we had some continuation of moxxis, hammerlocks and krieg’s story but what about the important stuff? Like smth about the destroyer or maybe atlas, or discovering some of the many vaults from the vault map.

  1. eridium grinder.
    anointment overwrite same grade type manufacture. Consumes 1k eridiums.

  2. New take down or just raid boss.

  3. New slaughter

  4. New grade above legendary item like prlsnt or seraph (rainbow whatever) These guns cannot be anointed but strong as em

  5. Bug fix.

  6. Refund


I’ll keep my list simple

  1. Console crashing issues resolved ( you know like other game companies seems to make work)

  2. Split screen text size adjusted, UI and Lag fixed ( you know like BL1, BL2 and BLTPS seemed to make work)


:joy: :ok_hand:


also add in way to farm bosses without having to reset game etc.


Hey man. I haven’t had a crash on PS4 for months now. You’re an XBOX guy right?

You have a point with the UI stuff but I feel that GBX have done a fair amount of work toward crashing consoles.

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Yeah I’m, well to be honest, one of many XBOX people that have had issues with this game since its release, I’m just a little more vocal than others.

Our consoles still crash either in single player or multiplayer. I can even cause my console to crash 100% just by attempting to join a game via invite (this will completely power off the console). I have went through the trouble ticket system with 2k and the issue has been forwarded to GBX development team, or so I am told and there is where it has stayed with no updates since. I shelved this game back in the summer, not worth risking bricking my console over one game but still hold out a little glimmer of hope for GBX to do the right thing.

As for whether or not GBX has worked toward solving this problem, well maybe/maybe not but I am far from the only person that has this problem and if you look in the XBOX Tech threads you will see that not only is the last generation consoles still having problems but now the new Xbox S/X also having the same problems as well so not to be rude but the amount of work that has been done is clearly lacking on GBX’s part if you ask me.

Lastly not only here but in other social media platforms (ie Twitter) customers have been asking for a resolution/fix for this issue since the games release and yet here we are still to this day and even more frustrating is GBX’s complete lack of not only acknowledging it but fixing it as well. We have all been told the same cut and paste answers since the game released of either, “We’re aware of it” , We’re looking into it" , “Not at this time”

Sorry for the longwinded answer.

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That’s fine. When was the last time you fired the game up?

I haven’t fired it up since late July. I didn’t even bother to play the other two DLC that came with the Season Pass. I just got fed up with the console crashing and lack of commitment from GBX to actually fix the problem. Not to mention I certainly didn’t want to risk bricking my XB1X over one game.

Sad thing is that if the console crashes didn’t occur and the split screen play functioned as good as the last three entries in the series I wouldn’t even be here on the forums. Yeah the continuous buffs/nerfs would be annoying but it honestly wouldn’t bother me all that much because I enjoy the gameplay itself and BL3 had a lot of potential.

Looks like classic raids are coming back in the Directors Cut. That’s a huge positive for sure.

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I guess they’ll finally add open that locked area in Ascension Bluff, where it’s implied we will fight “Korilax The Invincible”

You know what’s funny? During one of the earlier Borderlands Show episodes, when asked about that tiny spot that we couldn’t explore, Randy said that we “should forget about it for now…”.

If they indeed bring this area back with the Director’s Cut update, then they INTENTIONALLY scrapped a piece of game, so that they could include it in a future DLC… if this is really the case, then I’m done GBX for good, because it’s pretty obvious that it was meant to be in the main game, since the area exists in there, but you can’t access it yet.


F*cking no. That’s not a huge positive. This had better not flipping be what the directors cut is.

Traditional raids coming back is fine, good, and even great. The Varkid raid boss behind those doors was teased in prerelease videos. Free content, yes. Fifteen dollar add-on content, no.

Arms Race is fine and all. It’s good fun in coop. Paired with the skill trees I’d say the $15 price tag is acceptable. But content that was in all of the previous games and shown off before release had better be free.

I’ve already paid for it either way. But will be looking for a refund out of principle if this is what the directors cut ends up being.

Grumble grumble…

Sorry. In general I love this game. I just can’t stand this kind of bs … If indeed this is what happens. Probably jumping the gun and I’ll recant if I’m wrong. I just don’t have a lot of faith after the year we’ve had.

I went through Randy’s replies and liked tweets from today and here’s what I’ve gathered. This is just speculation based on what he’s liked and what his replies have stated. The Directors Cut DLC will introduce at least one raid boss (and yes it is the one behind the ascension bluff door) and a new or returning weapon rarity of sorts (likely Pearlescent gear). Other content coming in 2021 is at least one new takedown, and headhunter packs will return. If that’s the case I am stoked!!

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