Director's Cut theories and speculation

Season pass 2 is bringing us the “Director’s Cut” in spring. Now in movies, a directors cut normally means an extended version of a film with extra scenes added so I’m wondering if the DC could actually add extra parts of the story, such as more Tiny Tina or Maya stuff, or whether it could even add some additional story at the end of the game. We could go to Elpis, catch up with Athena and find/save/fill in the blank Lilith.

I’m really hoping they give us a good idea what to expect before asking us to buy the season pass. Any ideas what it could be?


I hope it does fill in story arcs like you would imagine a “Director’s Cut” might.

I am not holding my breath for this though as DLC add-ons haven’t traditionally been connected to main campaigns. I hope I am wrong and we can get some actual story additions.


I expect it to not be much honestly maybe some extra dialogue or something thats about it.I hope its not anything that enhances the story to drastically. I mean to make a pretty already bad story cut some parts that are really good sell it back to you just for more profit it would make me really feel like I got scammed.


could be an ava DLC to finally redeem her xD


I‘m actually so let down with Gearbox after all these past months that the thought, that the Directors Cut might be anything more than just the skilltree/arms race bundle hadn‘t even crossed my mind :frowning_face:

I was already scratching my head these past few days if I missed some vital announcement.

It would be really nice if this added something worthwile, although I feel exactly like @Bremen1, in this regard.

Edit: Oh wait or was that the designer cut, sorry.


Okay so, the following is just wild, baseless speculation, but this is my theory:

These two DLCs are going to be new, purposely created content…but they’re also a way to release the stuff they were cooking up for the Battlepass and microtransactions that were rumored to go live months ago.

People went crazy over the possibility of those and 2K, wishing to avoid new Battleborn-Marketplace disasters, chose a different approach.

And these DLCs being a repository for cut content is the reasoning behind their weird naming decisions.


If this is really the cut content then that would be a new low having to pay for them. Especially if this are the things that, what I hope only didn‘t make it because the jump to UE4, people found because they are still all in the game files. I mean that‘s totally normal but if these turn out to really be things such as the cut tank vehicle, for which pictures turned up a few days before launch and already has a finished model complete with alternate weapons or such a big thing like one of the cut story lines like Axton‘s or even the 6th planet Vulcan, I would be really pissed.

Heck, we already know that Handsome Jackpot was a cut storyline and now even the new skilltrees are probably too… I still remember having a conversation pre-launch about how in the trailers, if you pay attention, you can see Amara using a Cryo augment and the following confusion after the hands-on that no such thing is in the game. Not to mention the different elements for FL4Ks beasts, again Cryo Jabber…

I mean there are already people on reddit praising that this will finally add the Ascension Bluffs door Varkid boss and they are happy to pay for something that “was” already in the game.

Next thing we know they will add cut heads and skins as micro-transactions that we could already see in the promotional showcase, like Amara‘s Streetwise head.

Selling cut content a year after launch, to me is not much different than all these day one DLCs of other games.

Sorry that this got so long and I know we‘re just specculating here but especially with this ominous naming I‘m way more worried than curious as to what these DLC will be.


It’ll include a full on unicorn dream sequence and make the ending more ambiguous.
(Butt Stallion confirmed!!!???)


If it does add some story, I hope it includes the bit where Ava was apparently supposed to be with the B Team.

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Based on the game experience to date, I’m not giving them any more money no matter what the promotional hype will be.


To be honest, Director’s Cut was/is usually somewhat of a marketing thing when the movie was being released on the home video formats after doing the initial theatrical run. And vast majority of these Director’s Cuts “restored” anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of scenes, which were cut from theatrical version due to censorship/rating, some region-specific requirements or just to improve the pacing. Just a little extra something for the home video market. Only very few movies have really significant changes in the Director’s Cut versions.


In the Designer’s Cut, launching on November 10 for all platforms, you’ll get an additional Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter and a brand-new game mode called Arms Race.

A game mode and 4th Skill Tree, nothing else. Maybe some fixes and rebalances will be included. This DLC does not sound like it will bring any content that was possibly cut like zones, items, NPCs, dialogue, etc…


We’re saving Director’s Cut details for another day, but rest assured it will be bursting with next-level mayhem as Borderlands 3 continues its second year.

Next-level Mayhem can mean anything and of course the announcements are pretty vague, but my bet would be on it being another game mode with perhaps another Mayhem overhaul, perhaps allowing it scaling further than 10, and maybe implementing something like Adventure Mode from Diablo 3 where there’s no story, just repeatable random “bounties” (edited variations of story quests) that you just roam around and do for extra rewards.

This new season will include the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut DLCs, which each offer new modes and ways to play.

Again, vague overall description, and “new modes” and “new ways to play” to me sound just like that - new modes and alternate ways to play the existing content.

I don’t think they will suddenly restore and finish the scrapped segments and content, it will require too much work. It’s fairly easy to implement the varkid boss or something behind that closed door in Ascension Bluff - just create some mission to go there and fight it, done. But to re-insert “missing” scenes with dialogue, scripting, maybe even zones/areas and other assets in the middle of heavily scripted game? I really doubt it.


Maybe the director’s cut will come with more skins and head customisations. Crossing my fingers for a Maya skin…that way the pain won’t be so bad…

It’d definitely be neat to have your character look like dust blowing in the wind!


Such cruelty! :scream: #mayaforever


Remember that closed door in Ascension bluff, with a giant vakrid boss behind, that you can’t reach in legit ways, but is 100% included in current existing game code ?

Remember when we expected this would be included in a free update in the shape of Takedowns ?

Well, I have a bad feeling about such “director’s cut” DLC…


When you go through the main story, you can take or leave Killavolt and get the same main story overall. The area of Lectra City, however, is a nice addition to the Promethea, builds up Moxxi’s character and gives us some good weapons. They could easily go back through the story and add some other substantial areas/quests to build up other characters. Ones like Brick, Mordecai, Clay, Tiny Tina and Lorelei all come to mind and I know a lot of people are wondering what happened to Fiona.

I think Gearbox recognises that adding DLC story packs continuously would have diminishing returns. Each one would add less value to the game because of the amount of content which already exists in that format and each one would struggle to produce new, meaningful gear without simply power creeping older gear. I think the reason they’re trying something different could be to expand the game in other directions while staying true to the Borderlands feel, at least I hope so. They might still give us story packs occasionally in the future (Bunkers and Badasses?) but they might be more focused on expanding the game on other ways and that, if done right, could be a very exciting thing.


Okay let’s make some distinctions though:

First off, the Handsome Jackpot is not cut content, some of the files were simply already present inside the game before the official announcement. Cut content is stuff that was scrapped during development, not simply unaccessible stuff in the code.

Second off, and this is my fault for being unclear, regarding the supposed content and customizations that would’ve come with the supposed mtx and battlepass, we don’t know yet if they’re in the files. They probably aren’t, except maybe for a few things.

If they release stuff inside the Cuts that was initially meant for passes/microtransactions, it’s just a matter of repurposing.


It’s gonna be an anointments and mayhem free version. Focused on guns and skilltrees. So basically the game as it should have been from the start. This way they can prove to you they can fug you on foot all the while.


I mean I hope that but on the other hand, this has to be a free for all official patch for all owners of the game
Not something you are specifically paying for

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But that would ruin the sadistic part from which gb gets their boner…

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