Director's cut with 4th Skill tree?

So, I’m a year without playing BL3 because of FL4K’s pet lack of damage, and I’m impressed with the updates, for me, it’s really fun now. I was looking at the 4th skill tree, but I don’t like designer’s cut content. “Rogue-like” in a game where you spend so much time building and looting for specific items…I don’t like that idea, there’s another way to get the 4th skill tree? or maybe it’s comming in Director’s cut?

Nope, arms race and 4th skilltree is a single package.

Weird decision I know…

I didn’t get it because of several reasons (like the state of the main game) but the skilltrees didn’t really look that appealing to me was probably convinced me.

They also came late to the party… I’m bored with the game… Changing my build slightly won’t help one bit


Unfortunately you have to buy the new skill trees in a bundle with Arms Race. I recommend at least trying Arms Race if you decide to get it. I’m not a big fan but it was mildly entertaining for a couple hours. Maybe one day I’ll go back and find out I like it more than I thought, but I’m still playing around with the new skill trees.

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With the exception of Zane’s new skill tree, I actually prefer Arms Race over the new trees.

Some aspects of FL4K’s new tree are neat too, but I would have rather had two new VH’s. Farming Arms Race isn’t that bad. I find it’s actually more useful when doing new play throughs.

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