Disable guardian ranks

I really hope they add an option to disable certain perks or the guardian ranks completely. I am trying to run a melee amara which relies on shields being empty to deal extra damage. This is basically impossible to achieve however when every kill I get triggers my shield regen. This specific perk also makes Moze’s skills which triggers shield regen on a critical kill useless.


Oh weird - I never even checked for this; there’s no way to disable them? Not being able to disable them will confound competitive play (time trials, speed runs, that sort of thing). Not that I partake in those, but this is surprising to me.


nope. i haven’t allocated it either, I have 300 ranks.

this might not the place for suggestion .

Im just want enable/disable option so i can enjoy the game on a new character . With guardian rank on normal mode , flak can literally spam rakk kills everything . Not only that , disable these could increase difficulty on mayhem mode which makes it challenging or fun.

Right now the only way to remove bonus is delete save file , which also delete all your skins . I do NOT want to delete everything just to disable guardian rank. I just dont get that 2 having the option to do so but not on 3


I also believe there should be a toggle for this. I have played fl4k Enough to almost maxing out all ranks. Switching to a new character and experiencing their build path isn’t the same as they are easily OP with all the perks gained. I enjoy the initial grind before I get to appreciate my build at OP status. So if the developers are interested in game longevity make picking a new character interesting by not putting them on auto easy mode.

I actually half expected each character to have their own set of Guardian ranks for this reason. Some of the abilities that match one build basically break another build. So you either have to avoid the abilities and make the Guardian rank abilities diminished or just don’t use particular builds, which seems a bit silly.

Although with the way Badass ranks worked I shouldn’t have been too surprised.

i don’t see why they didn’t do it like borderlands 2, where you could simply disable it, some people are purest and don’t like the idea of the help on the side.

Please bump this so gearbox will understand the issue

This sounds familiar, but yeah, these should be something we can toggle on and off.