Disable Marquis on PvP until report is doable in-game

Majority of Marquis players are cheating disgusting bugabuser or aimbot users. This is a thing now. I haven’t seen a single legit Marquis on the past 2 days. I have remembered at least 5 people on Steam who are aimbots users and because of how matchmaking work, I end up dealing with them often or get carried by them because enemies can’t even leave base. Unless I’m playing a char who can 100-0 him before he 100-0 outside line of sight, he will destroy everyone in a solo 3 v 1 with a Marquis.

Last game, I just left my base with El Dragon at 4 minutes. Sentry was still perfectly healthy. Right after I walked out the door.



By a Marquis
Through Sentry #1 and the healing station.
Legit mad skill best Marquis in the world. He was born for this.

It was sad. I even went 9/2 early with El Dragon and was about to win before Marquis just solo 3 v 1, bug snipe the Sentry until it explodes and out dps me in a 1 v 1 duel by simply sniping me as I punch his face over and over until I die before he dies.

Majority of games in PvP are now about “Can you 100-0 the marquis before he 100-0 your whole team with aimbot?”. I’m happy most Galilea are disappearing but now, there’s a cheater playing the same char almost every game instead.