Disable Volume Metric fog &reflect ,SLI issue ,Nvdia lasts driver still not enable it

I can play 60k @ at 4k ultra max by disable this 2 option and remove 2nd VGA out. not just disable it on Driver. its not lock at 60k but its very good. and its no crashing anymore When remove it not just disable it.

well …

This is share computer. I share with someone by NVME drive plug beside cpu water blog, He … complain to me everytime. couz When he use this computer for his work . he must install 2nd
vga to computer everytime

Well I cant ignore to not remove it… its crash a lot and sometime. When I become host. I don’t want other 3 ppl waste they time when host is crash :<

I still asking for SLI . I hope to see I can set all ultra max out at 4k and lock at 60FPS like my other shooting game ;o