Disabled Gear Return?

Just a quick question, as to not distract you all from urgent and pressing matters.

But in general (if there is a general time span at all) when a gear item for example the Voxis Core currently gets disabled. How long does it normally take for them to re-introduce back into the game??

And has anyone heard any news or updates on the voxis?

There are two types of updates they can do

Hotfixes, which are just number/value changes (like taking away 400~ hp from Alani)
easy stuffs, just shuffling numbers around.


Actual Patches, which are bigger, game changing patches that got approved by all versions of the game
(cough, consoles holding us back) (cough) ugh excuse me.

Sadly, the Voxis Core fix needs an Actual Patch, due to incorrect targeting and unforeseen interactions.
or so they say.

All in all, this is something that GEARBOX should be telling you. Or Devs, or w/e
to them, silence says it all
to us, silence is frustrating

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Ummm… yeah… not really…

Dev tracker shows they do communicate, they just don’t reply to every single thread that asks the same questions. When it’s ready, or if there is some update to address this particular issue, I’m sure they will inform us in some manner.

So yeah, that…

so yeah… why do i need to track down each dev post?
why don’t they just do a simple weekly post with updates so i’m not tracking down essential information?
you know i think the world did something like this before… OH LIKE A NEWSPAPER!!! O_o

this concept of news and communication is NOT NEW.
put all the tidbits in one place, i don’t understand why i have to search for answers like a scavenger hunt,
when it should be common knowledge in the first place.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize both of those posts I replied to were from the same individual. My mistake.

While it isn’t exactly a newspaper, there is a collection of responses in the news section.

I have to admit, it wasn’t a very satisfying scavenger hunt. Turned out to be the top pinned topic in the news section…