Disabling bloody harvest - in case you've had trouble with it being consistently disabled

I’ve noticed that even after I have disabled Bloody Harvest, it still seems to be in effect (ghosts still spawning, and terror anointed items dropping).

My fix for this is: any time I am about to load into my game, just before I click the button to start, I click “enable bloody harvest” and then I click “disable bloody harvest”.

I think that
A), being at the menu re-enables bloody harvest but doesn’t toggle the button. So, clicking “enable” and then “disable” reruns the code that disables bloody harvest.

B) it should be a checkbox instead of what it is now. How it’s handled right now is likely textbook bad GUI design. You don’t ever want the user to have to question the meaning of the button or the staus. Checkboxes were used on programs to solve GUI design issues like this.

I am not trying to be a jerk here. Just being honest.

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Note: I disable bloody harvest because I’m already done with it for the year. I have farmed a bunch of level 65 terror items and stored them away. And for now I’m more interested in farming regular level 65 stuff again.

Dude I have only a roided ghost call and I’m done with the event. I hate it to return to sanctuary, I really HATE it. It takes way too much time to travel on consoles so farming the heck is not fun at all. There are always at least 4 map switches needed to make it from sanctuary to heck and back to sanctuary again. Only the traveling (loadingscreen time) takes 4,5 min. They should just erase the whole goo portal thing with Maurize or how even his name is written…

I was fine with the traveling I guess. It would be really cool though if you could activate the portal to heck from anywhere though. That would save some time.


Glad your Bloody Harvest event is giving you the rewards. For many of us it is not giving ANY rewards or it says we have opened the rewards chest when we haven’t. I really hope the developers fix it. And yes I have opened a support ticket on the matter.

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