Disappeared Skins from Tales From the Borderlands (Xbox one)

(Noxar) #1

Months ago I redeemed my loot bonus from TFTB and as you can see from the images I received the weapons but I don’t have the head skin and color like “Rhys’s rage”.
always from the images you can see that on my shift account I actually redeemed the bonus
the strangest thing is that some time ago when I quickly redeemed the skins I went to try them in the game and they were there but not anymore. I have TFTB both digital and boxed (with the season pass included), saving the game on the hard disk and what’s more, I am playing TPS through the Handsome collection on the same console (Xbox one) signed with the sam Sh!ft account.
I have everything in order and I have also used them but now that I am back to playing I no longer have them
Why ?

(How much time do we have?) #2

Not sure why they disappeared, but you might want to check if you are missing any other heads and skins, golden keys, or if your BAR stats are off - usually, if skins are missing, it indicates a problem with the profile.bin file for the game, which stores all that info. You will need to file a support ticket since only the support team can assist with SHIFT rewards items, and they will likely need some additional info from you.

(Noxar) #3

BL2 does not seem to have any problems and honestly on TPS I have redeemed random keys because I have never had an interest to play it so I don’t know if some are missing, the same thing for the BAR but I hope that it is only a random bug also because I’m appreciating it a little little, however I sent a ticket a couple of hours I hope they can do something because the situation is really irritating.