Disappearing DLC Glitch

Every single day my DLC is disappearing and I’m about to get fed up, stop playing, and refuse to spend any more money on anything Borderlands or with Gearbox or 2K on the box

I have to waste 40 minutes each day to redownload the DLC because it keeps getting locked on my account and I have to force it to get unlocked by downloading it all over again

I thought DLC was shareable between different accounts on the same system and it was working fine for months, up until the patch on the 13th

nearest I can tell as I logged on a few days after that to play the event and ended up spending more time Re-downloading DLC that was paid for and downloaded ON MY SYSTEM on a daily basis than I actually did on the event because I work 40+ hours a week

I dont need added frustration in my life, and if that’s all this is gonna be I’m gonna quit and they will never see my money ever again

Hey - I’m sorry to hear about this. That does sound really frustrating! I don’t recall seeing mention of similar issues. Have you submitted a ticket to 2K Support?

An Agent there may be able to run through some Troubleshooting with you to help determine your best options.

I’ve heard of something similar happening when the DLC first launched when folks launched a session so fast after the game loaded that the hotfix hadn’t applied. Are you waiting at the main menu for the ‘hotfix applied’ sign to pop?

Yes, I tried their first suggestions of deleting and redownloading the game and DLC, I didn’t have time to check if its permanently fixed now

But in the process I lost all of my equips, including stuff from the DLC and the Halloween Event (like the Halloween Grenades, which saved me tons of times)

I’m seriously on the verge of quitting, and if they cant either 1. Fix the problem or 2. Give me a code so I have it on my own account (since it was originally downloaded via my brothers account on my own system at home) then I am quitting and they have lost a paying customer

I dont believe in paying for the same thing twice and I’m not gonna do it

Yes, I wait for it to fully load up

When I go to my system data there it shows the DLC but with a lock right next to it, and I think that’s why it keeps happening because they want me to buy the $50 DLC Pack A SECOND TIME and I’m not doing it

Sounds increasingly like a DRM issue. If you bought the game originally on physical media, you might want to check that the DLC is for the game version with the same region code. What platform is this?

PS4, like I said it was working for months, I’m not buying the DLC Twice, if it’s not fixed or I dont get a code for the DLC for my own account (since the DLC was downloaded on my brothers account on the same system) I’m quitting

Did your brother recently move or make other changes to his account? I know each platform has slightly different policies in place for sharing games and DLC on the same console.

(Also moved to PS4 TS)

No, he lives at the same place I do and has for years and the DLC was working fine on both of our accounts for Months, if they made some sudden change as of the update on the 13th, they have lost me as a customer

The game was paid for and so was the DLC, it’s not like I’m sharing it with 3, 4, 5, 10 or 12 people or anything and nowhere do I see where it says every single account on one system needs to buy its own DLC

I don’t think it would be anything to do with the game update if it was working before. Was there a PS update of any kind?

I dont think it was that because it didn’t mess up any of my other games, oh well though

I loved playing it, but I’ve spent as much as I can really afford to, so barring an extreme sale on the DLC I am just gonna stop playing entirely

I ain’t made of money and I have a huge backlog of games to get to that wont require a $50 DLC Pack to play with items I have been playing with for months

If it was purchased on your brother’s account, his is the one it should be downloading under. Depending on which account is the primary on the PS4 and how sharing is enabled, that can have an effect too. One thing you could try is having both accounts signed in at the same time even if you’re playing the game solo.

Did you ever follow up with the support desk after the reinstall?

For the most part this is correct; so long as the ps4 in question is set as your brothers “primary ps4”; if its set differently - that account must be signed in for it and other accounts to have access
If its being locked on a primary ps4 this would be an issue to take up with ps+

Thanks for the suggestion, switching my brothers account to the primary one fixed it, now I dont have to spend 40 minutes a day Re-downloading DLC

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