Disappearing titles

I had just recently had a very slow time loading my stats, and when it finally does it had gotten rid of half my gear and titles. So I restarted the game and got my gear back and most of the titles. But I am still missing a few titles because of it (not that I use any). It seems to just be the kill/assist titles and the play/win a game as (faction) titles. It just bugs me to see it’s 100% complete but not available. If I could get any help at all, that would be great.

Same issue here, all last night I had multiple errors communicating with the BB server while opening Loot Packs, selling gear, etc.

Today I ran a couple story missions privately (kept getting communication errors at that time too) and when I was done with the second one I found half my gear library missing, 90% of my titles missing, all DLC characters re-locked (I still have hero keys to unlock them again), my loadouts have been cleared out because the vast majority of the gear that is missing was stuff I had acquired for quite some time.

That is exactly what happened to me except I was doing pvp but after I restarted it, I got half back and unlocked characters then played a few games and BLAM they’re back. It’s happened a couple time so far and fixed itself eventually. I just hope the comm. errors get fixed (it’s happened to lots of my friends) and that this glitch gets resolved