Disappointed about the release time

I am disappointed. Steam said it was going to be released at 10am today. I’ve been following the count down clock since yesterday and today at 9am it said it would be unlocked in less than an hour. Come to find out at 10am that it did not unlock and won’t be unlocking until 5pm tonight. This stinks. I had all my friends ready to go at 10am. sigh What’s with the delayed release time? I wonder why Steam didn’t get the memo. Is it because no other company is stupid enough to release a game at 5pm? shakes head at Gearbox Oh well. /rant

It even says its a popular new release on steam when I scroll down! A popular new release I can’t even play for over 6 more hours! LOL! How can it be a popular “release” when it’s not even “released” yet?!

Did you try restarting STEAM?
Sometimes release times can bug out a little, and it can be rectified by a restart.

Also, STEAM has set times for when titles release, specially if they don’t do a midnight release.

It should be available now.

P.S Reason that it showed up as released could have been that it was unlocked at the other region first.