Disappointed about the, uh, "skins" so far in the game

The recolors are just so boring!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they are just recolors, it’s that these recolors take the diverse color palettes of the original character and make them disgustingly flat and monochrome. I know there’s hidden ones in packs, but I havent’ gotten anything more than dual colored.

This is the same problem I’ve had with borderlands, where I never really wanted to change my colors because it would make my character look flatter. The only exception, I think, was some of the torque ones that actually added a checkerboard pattern to a material or things like that, while still looking nice.

I’m just really unmotivated to look at the appearance screen of these characters when I know all of my progression will be wasted on these unlocks. Pleeease offer something better than this for sinking our time into these characters.

They are only for the Beta. They will have more detail in the finished game.


Beta isn’t housing all the available skins.

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So I was just playing some private matches and I’ve found the single best skin yet, it’s not a recolor…

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Pics or it didn’t happen…

Seriously though, I’ll look at skins all day, I’m sure we’d all love to see it, or at least know who it was.

Apparently if you play single player on PvP maps the bots use some of the higher tier skins.

That was specifically for @jake.posh I’ve hit the awesome skin thread quite a bit. Thanks though!