Disappointed in AMD

Building a new computer and wanted to throw an AMD GPU in there for…well…Borderlands. But AMD’s best deal out there the 5700xt is riddled with bugs so had to go team green instead.

Anybody else running a 5700xt?

Anybody know if the difference between AMD and NVIDIA support will be mostly fps optimization or will there be visual differences as well?

I got the 5700 (no xt) and it doesn’t seem too buggy? But also, I built my whole computer and it’s a little temperamental :joy:

But according to Randy, the Rapid Packed Math in the NewAMD makes certain visual effects possible.

It’s probably just cool lighting stuff like the asteroid belt affecting starlight. There’s a video if you google Borderlands 3 AMD from…E3?

AMD is notorious for thier GPU’s being slow out the gates. However they get more optimized over time and hold their value longer than Nvidia who try to sell you a new GPU every 2 years.


Oh, yay, then I am very excited with my purchase!

That video

Eh…visual fluff is only good for first impressions. You’ll get acclimated to it quickly…just give me more frames.

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I’m stoked. As long as I have 60 at 1080 and tons of visual fluff, I’m happy. I’ve been staring at elemental effects in other UE4 games and I just love it.

Yeah I have no doubt they’ll eventually get all the kinks worked out…just bad timing with the Borderlands release date and people wanting to upgrade before hand.

Yeah my whole reason to upgrade was for more frames. Just got a new 1440p 144hz monitor and was worried my older cpu/gpu wouldn’t run it fast enough.

I’m running last years AMD. Vega 64 and Ryzen2700. From my perspective, it’s all about how the game is optimised. I can play games like Dragon Age Inquisition up to 90FPS in 1440p and Battlefront 2 way over that. But when i play Borderlands 2, it can go down to 30FPS.

So it’s all gonna be down to B3 and how it’s been developed. I really hope they’ve got it running smooth.

@javajaws - If your building a new rig with new AMD components, the main issue is GPU drivers. I had tons of problems but it’s smoothed out now. If AMD get their sh*t together, then you’d be laughing. Good idea to read forums and check the driver support updates to see what they are working on.

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The amd gpu driver update around the release of 5700 toasted the direct x architecture and made BL2/PS unstartable for a few days.

Meanwhile, yeah, TPS and BL2 run…less than stellar in the AMD stuff, but BL1 remaster is pretty solid, and new games are lit af.

My favorite part of TPS and BL2 on these specs is that the first shot you fire in a map lags to hell, then it smooths out like it just learned a new thing

My history with AMD systems generally experienced the builds running hotter than Nvidia/intel builds which resulted in needing to spend more on cooling. The CPU and GPU’s did generally run a better performance to cost ratio.