Disappointed in Fl4ks bot pet (4th skill tree)

theyre a beast master so i dont feel like it really fits their style. another animal wouldve been way more interesting esp since fl4k already has the jabber which honestly feels like enough of a gunner imo
there wouldve been so many better animal options imo


Stalker, Thresher or Saurian would have been awesome in my opinion. A bot just feels out of left field and off to me.


I am baffled that the the saurians haven’t been given a single thought. Another interesting animal are the belliks from the Obsidian Forest in DLC3, those things are just majestic AF. There’s nothing even beast-like in a loader bot, so what gives with the Beastmaster’s class name anymore?


But Fl4k is a robot too so like.
Why would a sentient AI be a beast master in the first place?
I think a robot pet fits more than an actual warm blooded pet!

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Loader makes sense only because it uses guns. Gun using pets are way more powerful than the melee ones, so I imagine the loader will be far more damage focused than most other pets.

Not like that’s saying much though, and I expect that it will still be woefully inadequate.


We’ve already discussed the weirdness of their new bot pet. Yea, there were a great many better options. Stalkers kinda have natural shields and cloaking which seem like a perfect fit for this tree’s focus on shields. IDK. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again FL4K no longer seems as though they are a Beastmaster anymore, but whatever. Tis what it tis.


True, I really feel a bit ripped off that I’m not playing a beastmaster. I would have loved a Stalker or Varkid. Would have been neat but it seems they want to deviate from beastmaster.

I’m so confused, how do you justify a robot becoming a beastmaster in the first place, but then get upset when he gets a new pet that is a robot?

I mean, we don’t need to justify anything (at least lore wise).

The whole Beastmaster concept of FL4K has been shaky from the beginning. There’s a bit of psychology that goes into Beastmaster classes, and generally speaking part of the reason people love them is specifically because the classes pets simulate real life animals. A loader can’t really be approximated into any kind of animal.

From a gameplay perspective I’m cool with it because gun pets generally do more damage and nothing at the moment competes with Scorcher for buffing. However, just the look of FL4K with another bot instead of an animal is jarring. There were plenty of creatures to choose from, so a Loader just FEELS really weird.


Well… I don’t think they would have used the Belliks, notably because the only time they show up in all of Borderlands history is a single DLC.
I don’t think that the Saurians weren’t given a thought, but there might have been issues with the implementation.
Stalkers wouldn’t have worked well because they are notable for going invisible all the time and since the pet is more about drawing enemy aggression than dealing damage that just wouldn’t have made sense.
Threshers… I think the issue there is that they spend more time underground than above it and it would just be kind of weird to have a pet happily digging its way through steel and concrete floors.
Saurians would have been the best option, but they are kind of weird in regards to the variants you’d use.

But he is. That’s his class name. Having a loader bot now as a 4th option fells completely out of place. It’s not an animal and doesn’t look like one. And why an Hyperion one? They are not known to exist outside of the Handsome Jackpot, a DLC location, so we need some background on this one.

Yes, I can imagine the kind of technical issues that a T-rex sized saurian can bring to the table. :sweat_smile:

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But Fl4k is still a robot! So a robot being incharge of animals is fine but a robot commanding a robot isn’t? I just don’t see why people are upset with this route.
As for not existing outside the handsome jackpot dlc…
I mean…
DLC 4 took place in Kriegs mind which was just floating in the middle of space, and we got no explanation as to why.
I don’t think we’ll get any background on this. Or if we do, like class quests to unlock the 4th trees, I could see that.
But lorewise there’s a lot more issues than a robot beastmaster commanding a robot instead of a freakin… Dinosaur.

Sounds like robot slavery.

Imagine a human beastmaster suddenly using a human slave as a battle companion.

Jarring, isn’t it?

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I mean sounds like a battle companion, not a slave. Don’t think a slave is really gonna… try and help you out in a combat scenario.
Unless you’re nice to them! But then they’re more like a paid for friend.
Plus, loaders aren’t as sentient as Fl4k so there’s that too.

for 1 im with you, and understand that the bot is like… okay?
for 2 i still get the bot pet, though i think a bot pet would be dope for moze instead of the smaller IB

3 i think saurien thresher or stalker would be hyper dope
especially since stalker could be so much more amazing as a shield pet with shield bonis
while the bot could have given fl4k perhaps armor instead of shield, which rly would shake things up ALOT

It’s not so much about beeing upset, more like pointing out the extremely obvious odd ‘man’ out from the now 4 choices we will have.

Also something that just came to me, Fl4k’s quotes and lines are geared towards animals, it’s going to sound so weird when Fl4k warns his pet robot not to pee on his loot. :thinking:


The only other pet I could see happening would be a thresher. Imagine a black hole thresher, Fl4k becomes part siren!

Loaderbot will oil up the loot :flushed:

Why not? A loader can be reprogrammed. An animal can’t, you need to earn it’s trust/respect/ what have you.

Again, it’s a flavor thing. A robot just ain’t the same man.


If it were a robot beast, like one of those robot dogs, people would probably be okay with it.