Disappointed in the marketplace skin

Good evening.

I bought his skin in the newly opened marketplace. I must say, I’m somewhat disappointed in it.

The image was so badass, until I used it.

I love the skin color, and all the orange glowy bits when he uses powers, but it’s all that glossy brown armor. There’s no definition of any kind, and the metal engravings are removed.
I would have been happy with metal skulls on the knuckles, and simple metal studs at the end of the floating spines.



Hopefully, Gearbox will take this in consideration in the future. Maybe, a improvement patch for the current one.

I still love, Attikus, though.

Thank you.

Are… are we looking at the same skin? It got a whole new bump map/texture pattern, along with unique markings on the Hedronic arm and an entirely new glow pattern. I absolutely adore this skin and think they did a very good job with it.


This skin impressed me too, but I understand what OP means. His arm and armor on the original skin looks much more detailed, new skin gets to this level only when Att taunts.