Disappointed melee players

Calling all melee mains, anyone else disappointed by the lack of a good melee character in Borderlands 3 and ultimately gave up on the game? Want to rant about how bad Melee is in BL3? Maybe give idea’s for what a good melee vault hunter should look like in Borderlands 3? Reminisce on why Melee Zer0, Krieg, Athena is your favorite melee character? Then you came to the right place!!


I’m a little in this category. It’s possible to make a Phaseslam build work, especially with the Psycho Stabber buff, but it’s hard to make it match what can be done with the Facepuncher. Now if people enjoy that gun, great, but don’t tell me it’s a true melee build.

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i wish melee did not exist so gearbox could do what they do best

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just wait for wonderlands^^

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thats the goal right now hope its able to surprise me

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Yeh coz thats gonna be worth it ha ha!

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Borderlands is a shooting game. Melee always feels clunky no matter the character.

Not true at all lol, Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel nailed there melee characters perfectly.

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What’s wrong with Amara? She’s no worse or better than Athena.

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I can pass no judgement on a melee Amara build for Mayhem or endgame. That doesn’t interest me. However, for campaign play, I’m not sure what more you could want from a Borderlands melee character.

Brick’s punching does not scale well after PT1. I find Zer0 and Athena to be melee/gun hybrids rather than full melee. Actually, I find the best hybrid is a SMG/Striking build for Lilith. Krieg is a great melee character but he has his limitations because of the way his health regen works.

I decided to take an Amara through to the level cap, punching from L1. There were a few times I had to use a weapon but I reckon I punched and slammed through 95%+ of the campaign. I certainly can’t do that with any of the others I’ve mentioned.

Because BL3 is easier than its predecessors, it’s hard to say objectively that she’s the best melee character. However, within the mechanics of BL3, I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Overall I wouldn’t say I’m dissappointed, but I will say that my gripe isn’t even about skills and loadouts and stuff, it’s the annoying animation and camera locks, mistakes that really have no business in a game like this. Amara’s dash also has a bunch of other glitches.
And then facepuncher/fish slap make actual melee redundant anyway.

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“However, for campaign play, I’m not sure what more you could want from a Borderlands melee character.” There are plenty of things I would want for starters I would want a action skill that synergizes with melee something that Zer0, Athena, and Brick all had. Amara’s Blitz ability is also very limited and Athena’s equivalent ability “Blood Rush” has a lot more range, doesn’t require a kill to reset, and is very precise at hitting targets unlike Blitz, this alone makes Athena a infinitely more fun Melee character to play. Melee Amara is laughable when compared to the Melee monsters like Krieg and Zer0.

Amara’s dash ability is so bad it boggles my mind how they pretty much perfected the dash ability that Athena has in TPS but completely ruined it in 3. Another gripe I have with the animations is that the bladed pistols in 2 have a way better and more cooler melee animation.

I disagree on this sentiment Melee Zer0 can one shot most enemies in the game with a melee strike in deception making it a very satisfying playstyle in BL2, guns are only really used for second wins or utility.With Athena any enemy that hasn’t died with a melee strike will just die to bleed applied to them by her ability.

Melee Brick is still very viable late game he may not one shot everything but Brick is really tanky and can go around punching standard enemies and badass’s without problem.

That doesn’t sound like fun at all to do imo. I would much rather make a new Zer0 and find weapons and gear to make melee more powerful, fun, and satisfying to do. It sounds tedious really because amara doesn’t get Blitz until halfway through the game so it is basically a generic melee build so there’s no real thought process like there is with Zer0. I never attempted it but you also can get through pretty much to max level with Krieg with just melee and no abilities(No OP Levels obviously), there is even a playthrough on youtube of someone beating the whole game with Krieg with 0 gear at all.

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Wow! I’ve never had such a response to any of my posts here, yet alone a bit of a throwawy comment I wrote in passing. Firstly, I can only speak as I find. Everything I’m about to say is my preference and perception of the characters and what I want from melee. It is not meant to be combative or a criticism of anyone else’s preferences.

I think that this sums up much of the difference in opinion.

I respect that but I do find it fun. I love charging at a group of enemies with melee only. There certainly is a “thought process involved”. I like the challenge of identifying the most dangerous targets, finishing them quickly, keeping targets between me and incoming gunfire and constantly moving for damage reduction. All the other characters can use guns. I find it refreshing not to, on at least one character.

So my definition of melee is “punching” as much as possible. Now, I’m a big BL fan but make no claim to be a skilled player. Here are my views on the other melee characters. You may well be a better player than me and think it’s nonsense

In PT1 and into PT2, I can charge in happily with Brick and absolutely love it. However …

He can certainly pick off a Badass or take on a couple of standard enemies. But let’s say he’s faced with a group of Crimson Lance including an Elemental Badass in PT2.5. He can take out the Badass in one Berserk but is then stuck in the middle of a group of very dangerous enemies, shooting him from all sides. If you can’t clear the entire group, it limits how and when you can use Berserk. That makes him a limited melee character by my definition.

This, sort of, leads into my views on Zer0 and Athena.

This is absolutely true. It also, kind of, applies to Athena while her Aspis is active. But what happens when Deception/Aspis runs out? You are often surrounded by enemies. It may well be that I’m not sharp enough to survive the cooldown, until I can use their Special Ability again, but, personally, I have to use guns to survive. The other option is “hit & run”. That’s certainly using melee but it doesn’t satisfy me :slight_smile:

Krieg is my favourite BL2 character. He’s the reverse of Brick. At higher levels, with RtB and a load of Bloodlust stacks, he’s an ideal melee character. No cooldown and a long duration. But at the beginning of the game, he can survive no better with melee, than the other characters until L5 and then he has to be nursed though the next few levels because of his long coodown and lack of passive health regen. I do accept that there are better players than me who can manage this but I wonder how many?

I’m sure this is true and yet I can do things with Amara that I can’t with other characters. This is how a Melee Amara goes for me. You have to be careful with the first group of enemies to get them with melee. In the first gun chest, you get a Jakobs (I think) pistol with a bayonet. With the extra damage, the next group of bandits is much easier. Shiv goes down to a couple of barrels and a bit of melee. I hit L2 and get Phaseslam.

Well, Phaseslam works for me :slight_smile: At L3 you get Clarity , which keeps me alive between and during attacks. After that, the Buttplug, a Brimming and/or Roid shield and, if I’m lucky, a Knife Drain is all I need. It’s Amara’s ability to use melee 95% of the time from L1 to L72 that makes her a great character for me.

This is a long post (understatement! :slight_smile: ) but I felt that I had to explain the statement in my original post, since it’s drawn such attention.


Glad you were able to respond and glad you find Melee Amara to be enjoyable, I was just expressing why I don’t find melee Amara enjoyable and why I think every melee character before her was done better. Going to respond to a few points you made you now.

As for Brick it is definitely harder to melee with him than the other characters and I have the least amount of time on him however I still find Melee Brick more enjoyable to play with because his action skill is great and synergizes well with a melee playstyle because of the health regen, damage reduction, movement speed, and great punching animations that doesn’t make melee feel sluggish, as for Amara goes none of her action skills synergize well with melee besides phase grasp, phase slam, phase cast, and phaseflare are all a far cry from the great action skills we got before like Decepti0n, Kinetic Aspis, Berserk, and Buzz Axe Rampage, because of this she feels very stale to play as when it comes to melee. Amara is a siren who can use her powers to summon six arms which sounds cool and the only problem is that we never get to actually use those six arms for cool melee attacks like we do with the other Melee focused Vault Hunters. She has 4 action skills yet none of them can hold a candle the action skills I mentioned in terms of utility, power, and extension they add to the other characters, the extra action skills were more quantity over quality in my opinion.

If you run out of decepti0n you can stay alive by using the rubi or grog nozzle for healing, you can get up to full health every time you melee a enemy and then your back into the decepti0n due to its short cool down. As for the hit and run strategy I completely understand if you don’t find this method fun I don’t find as fun either but that is why I use weapons like the rubi or grog for healing and Amara uses the relic for life steal. As for Athena she has the probe which is essentially a rubi, but honestly Athena can do her melee game just fine without the aspis since her dash ability is not restricted to her action skill like Zer0’s is, her dash ability is similar to Amara’s except it has more range a way better melee animation making it much better since Athena’s Xiphos tree is a million times more better designed than Amara’s brawl tree, I am going to break down why. Firstly Amara only has ONE ability in the entire tree that boost melee damage which is Find Your Center which is a great ability for one point and 100 percent is a good boost but is simply not enough for a skill tree that is supposed to be centered around melee and only has around 3 at most if you include helping hands that can help make blitz a better and more reliable ability. As for Athena her melee tree is amazing and 2 of her capstone help to make her a amazing melee character, for starters her tree starts off amazingly unlike Amara who starts off with abilities that have nothing to do with Melee, she gets access to Gun Kata and Clarity of Purpose which which give good boost to melee damage and makes Athena’s melee strikes potent very early on, Rend is a great capstone which allows her melee strikes able to make enemies bleeds which is a amazing idea for a gladiator type character and has amazing synergy with Bloodrush her melee capstone and dash ability which can be reset when you make a enemy bleed or kill a enemy making it a amazing capstone that allows Athena to fly across the battlefield. This is not the case at all for Amara’s Blitz skill and I fail to realize why they chose to make the range on it so pitiful and the precision of it so awful. Ultimately there is nothing about Amara that stands out melee wise in my opinion.

My Problem with Melee Amara isn’t that I struggle to play her or find it difficult to kill things with her its just that she isn’t very fun to play melee wise for me, and her skill tree’s are just badly designed.

Phaseslam works yes and does good damage earlier on but is a very boring ability when you consider the action skills we got before, before I wrap up a few changes I would make to Amara’s Brawl tree would first make Root to Rise boost melee and health cutting down the health from 40% to 20% for health and melee, no reason for a brawl tree to not start with some melee buffs. change arms deal to deal melee damage instead of splash damage, make Samsara boost melee because it will at least give Amara some synergy with her action skill and melee, put mindfulness in a different tree honestly why is shield regen in a tree about melee when roid shields are negatively effected by this(they made the same mistake with Zer0’s ability grim), and make Blitz reset after getting a kill and using your action skill.

No problems this is a long post as well lol, hopefully you can understand the problems I have with BL3, I was really excited for this game and had really high expectations for it, and as for the vault hunters I really can’t find a single one I enjoy. I am hoping that at least there will be more vault hunters added to the game but apparently Gearbox isn’t adding anymore and a portion of the community doesn’t want it either lol.

Thanks again for responding :+1: