Disappointed to say the least

It took me 20 minutes to level up from 50 to 53 by farming Graveward. The 3 additional skills combined with the added guardian rank tokens makes the game much, much EASIER to play, even on TVHM M4 and using all level 50 gear items.

I’m not sure what this level increase accomplished, other than decreasing the challenge, eliminating the desire or need to hunt for specific items, all while not adding any additional mission content.

This is a huge blow to the game, IMO. Can we go back?


What do you mean added Guardian Rank tokens? I’ve seen you say it multiple times now. Seems like you think everyone got given a bunch of free tokens or something, if that happened to you it was a bug.


Yea I didn’t get any additional tokens either.

I got to round 4 slaughter shaft mayhem 4 and was already level 53.

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That’s so odd. I received 340 guardian tokens and ranks lmao.

I dont get the new level 53. What is it for? Mostly seems to force re acquiring all new level 53 gear. This seems weird and out of place. Level cap should have stayed 50 until dlc were done or moved to max . This 53 is not good. Just going up again…

To add build variety and add difficulty.

The other answer is you know it’s coming so too bad.

A better solution to bring players back would be to move dlc drop dates. They could have all been done by June.

I would rather they invested time into fixing the game rather than programming a Valentine’s Day thing which seems like a complete waste of time because you can only accumulate the hearts once.


Yeah it sounds like they want people to read only farm for the best roll of those items and I don’t know why.

But now you can turn off guardian rank if you want more challenge


Maybe they’re like me and didn’t spec into Guardian Ranks and were suprised at how many have been piling up?

Or it’s a bug cuz we can’t have a hotfix without one? j/k

They just got an odd bug and so far it’s the only report I’ve seen of it.

From another topic:

Difficulty is way out of hand. I could barely make it to Wotan, now I can’t even get past the first section. A tiny ratch can take down my 14000point shield and half my life? I’m only on TVHM with NO MAYHEM! WTF!???

Dang. I’m curious on your build and your play style.

Did you have the scaling on or off? There should be a switch in the room by the respawn station before you head down to the ratch area.

Also make sure that your turned your Guardian Ranks back on after installing the update - check the new options in the bottom right of the GR tab in your echo.

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Running Moze with Cutsman and Kyb. Pistols don’t do anything. Her mech hardly does any damage at all. Can’t even take out a Spec-Op with it’s Nuke. No Mayhem on TVHM.

You don’t know that. And using BL2/TPS dates as a model won’t work here because GBX are doing all their post-launch content - including all four DLCs - in house (which was not the case for BL2.)

What’s your skill tree look like?

You’ve got something going on then that I’m not getting. I skated through it once (Redistributor and Kybs Worth from Wotan) then quit and went back in thinking I must have misunderstood the true takedown mode switch. I did not. I’m not noticing much of any change in difficulty.

Maybe the Valkyries but I’ve been through them hundreds of times and I still lose my cool there on the regular and make it a lot tougher than it needs to be.

No matter what weapons or build I use. They’re just not taking damage like they are supposed to. I’m really fed up with it. Makes me not want to play the game at all.