Disappointing and Frustrating Feature


I have now been playing Borderlands 2 almost daily for just over a year now. The game is incredible but there is a feature that leaves me disappointed and frustrated. Over this period I have been through to the Vault of the Warrior 6 times (3 in NVHM and 3 in TVHM). After killing the Warrior in each of these I have not had a single Legendary weapon drop. Considering that the objective of the game is to kill the Warrior all you get is a bag load of Eridium and a cluster of under-powered weapons, mainly green and white. The one legendary item I got was a ‘Head’ and as I don’t do skins or heads I didn’t even pick the item up. It isn’t a case of not looking as I covered every inch of the play area. Thank goodness for farming the red chests either side of the border in to Hero’s Pass.

I was hoping to get a Conference Call as I understand when paired with a Bee Shield this is probably the best way to kill Terramorphus.

I’ll carry on playing in UVHM and see if I can beat my best level of 59. Stoping at Level 59 was because I just couldn’t get past Wilhelm. One of these days I might return and try this under co-op.

Thanks for listening.


Hey there,
The warrior is a mixed bag with loot, especially in nvhm. Mainly the loot you’re looking for will be in uvhm and sometimes in tvhm. Another thing some friends of mine found annoying was the coloring templates of the area makes legendary color markers VERY hard to see. I recommend looking around the lava, or sometimes IN the lava itself. But truthfully, if you’re wanting a decent CC and/or Bee shield, you need to be in the Tiny Tina dlc, playing higher than nvhm. The Bee drops like hot cakes from the ents and CC is dropped favorably from the HS.
Hope this helps you out, I know farming with no luck is always a pain, but just research multiple areas with certain loot tables so you have an easier time of it.


Pro tip: If you have Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, after you’ve finished the campaign, farm the handsome sorcerer. He drops the same exact legendary items as the warrior, but seems to have a better drop rate for them. He also drops less loot which means you don’t have to spend 20 minutes looking through of ton of mostly useless junk. He can also drop the blue rarity (x2) magic missile grenade mod.

When you kill the Warrior in the story mission, you get one guaranteed legendary drop. This can be one of a list of items. Returning to the Vault of the Warrior afterwards, there is a one in ten chance that you’ll get another legendary, so you have to save/quit/restart multiple times and that drop will still be one of a number of items.

The good news is that the drop rate used to be 1 in 30, and there was an even chance the legendary would be inaccessible; fortunately, Gearbox fixed both of these things. The next time you fight the Warrior in the story mission, there is a way to farm the moonshot cannon so you can get multiple legendaries. You’ll find information and a link to a video here.

The thing you have to remember about all the Borderlands games is that they are a hybrid FPS-RPG game, complete with gear farming, level grinding, and shooting stuff. So, don’t expect legendaries to rain out of the sky, because that isn’t Borderlands.

Not sure it is any more. It was definitely the fastest way when the game launched, but the Bee shield at that time was actually broken so that the combination generated way more damage than it was supposed to; it got fixed. There are many ways to kill Terramorphous, depending on your character choice. I’ve never used the Bee-CC combination for it, although the Bee is one of the shields i have used.

Is your gear reasonably close to level? Are you using slag to increase damage to the target, a shock weapon or grenade to strip shields, and a corrosive weapon to take down Wilhelm specifically? He’s actually one of the easier minibosses but, in UVHM, you really have to pay attention to gear, skill tree, and strategy. Also worth noting that some skills that were great in NVHM/TVHM do not scale well in UVHM.

I really would not worry too awful much about getting anything orange to drop until you hit level cap. Farming for anything below level cap, outside of getting gear for future characters, is a bit of a waste of time.

That has been patched a long time ago. The Conference Call/Bee combo can no longer be used to erase enemies out of existence.

Leveling through UVHM is always a pins and needles experience. Getting some sort of slag weapon such as the Slagga, Magic Missiles, Rubi, Grog Nozzle, or anything really can help out a lot (any level of the mentioned can work so long as you only use them for slagging).

Weapons that work well in the previous difficulties will start to struggle and fall off the radar in UVHM unless you get the right gear for them. Certain skills and builds will also struggle and fall off to such as Salvador’s tanking abilities. Some skills will really start to shine in UVHM where they become more useful such as Maya’s Ruin Cap Skill.

It also depends on the character: Out of the original four Vault Hunters Maya (in my opinion anyways) transitions into UVHM the smoothest while the others go through a certain “shock” hopping difficulties depending on gear and build. Salvador with the right gear becomes stronger in UVHM (a trait he shares with Krieg) while sniper oriented Zer0 players will generally have a rude awakening. A tanking oriented Salvador lacking a Rubi/Grog Nozzle with have a horrible time in UVHM due to the spike in damage, enemy health, and the addition enemy of health regeneration.

I highly recommend browsing the Borderlands 2 section for guides to look for anything that can help you. There is a lot of useful information written by knowledgeable individuals who live and breath Borderlands.