Disappointing balance and lackluster story

Is there a point to having 25 characters when all people use are the broken op character?! Deande can literally tea charge her entire health bar and shields by porting and
running away. Ghalts shotgun can dissipate shields and take you down to half health with just 2 shots! And it can reach across the damn map! Not to mention raith and gilandria being so over Powerf to the point where I unleash Tobis ult into them with critical assist buff and special buffs and they just sit there and absorb it and run right at me ignoring any other player trying to defend me. Also what’s with tobis shield being absolutely useless … You should make his shield act like a wall to block oncoming opponents. I waited forever to play this game and I’m pretty let down with the so so story mode and the terrible imbalance in vs mode… The lack of gameplay modes alt skins ( like actual cosmetics changes to the character not doing pallete swaps) that just comes off as lazy! Overwatch is out with a matter of a day as I type this. If you don’t fix these massive issues you won’t have a large following to support your game. I want to enjoy this game but as it stands it’s way more of a hindrance to play then a pleasure.

I am worried with over watch coming out. Blizzard may be sell outs but boy can they tell a story.

Over watch however is a transparent, luckluster attempt to cash in on the fps esports scene which is pushed by by big brother Activision. I can no longer trust anything Activision touches due to the corporate greedy nature and lack of care about the product. Befote blizzard sold out their games were the benchmark of quality AAA games. Now…sigh.

I believe Gearbox have an amazing story in the works. I believe its how thier dlc will work. Some may expand on the current story. But others im sure will dive into deeper character driven stories. Like what happened with kleese and ISIC. or Rath and Rendain. Or Rendain and the battleborns. Battleborns story has the potential to blow overwatch away, but atm I agree its story is lackluster. Im going to give it some time to evolve. If they dont fix it, well its just another Destiny.

You’re the only Battleborn player in the world who thinks Deande is OP, and probably the only one who uses Toby’s ult for anything other than his lore challenge.

I think you need to re-evaluate your opinion of this game and the playable characters, wipe the slate and look at Battleborn with a new perspective.
Deande is the notoriously underpowered character (Though I disagree), Toby’s ult only gets you killed, Ghalt is a one trick pony. You mention broken characters but you didn’t mention the broken characters, the things you have identified are things you’re having trouble with not broken mechanics.


Actually I’m not I have a slew of people I play with that consider this games insanely broken. If I went into detail I’d be here all evening. Maybe tomm when it’s not 2am I’ll take the time to explain the breaks in characters and the issues that plague this game. Bottom line is I played over watch for the entirety of the beta and it’s a great game with team based strategy and mechanics. All battleborns story is a one trick pony with horde modes and lackluster boss battles. They’re as just to many great games coming out for a company like gearbox to release his game with so many issues. They put Toby in the fn game to be used right and that means he should be fn useful and fun to play. I feel like they designed a lot of these characters to just fill the roster and not a lot of effort went into balancing and fleshing them out.

You appear to have misread my entire comment. If this game isn’t to your liking then by all means enjoy Overwatch or whatever other games you prefer.


I played overwatch too. Ended up selling my account to a fanboy who paid double what the entire account was worth. Its pathetic. Good game but no personality. You expect a blizzard game to be mechanically sound. Theyve had decades to work on their engineering. Battleborns characters arent perfect but gearbox is working on balancing. Its not easy. Wow couldn’t do it in 11 years and even LoL balances monthly (sooner if crafty players figure out stuff). I dont no where your expectations come from but you need to reevaluate. Bastion is still broken in overwatch and the best blizzard could say was “get behind him”. Your precious blizzard def looking for balance lol.

If you can call using a entire team of Meis or Bastions team based tactics.

A good benchmark to a well balanced game is complete disagreement on what is OP, what is not.

There is a lot of powerful elements in this game.

As to the campaign, for a game that is attempting something new at the high level, I think the story, the dialogue (especially the dialogue), and the progression of it are pretty damn amazing.

I mean, I’m at CR 55, my highest character is an 11 because I can’t stay focused on even a handful of characters, they are all interesting and Gearbox once again makes you care about some many of them with so little.

Most FPS can have a very straightforward story or tightly connected motivations of a handful of characters in a linear progression. Now, you try and craft a story where 25-30 characters are meant to be both protagonists and antagonists to each other. Lackluster story it is not.


So of though op character 1 is op and they are reworking her. Ghalt shotgun is very strong and maybe does need its ranage helix toned down. De is not op everyone says she is balanced or underpowered.
Tody shield does at like a shield it doesnt block movement its shield should not be even better than kelvins ult.
Rath ult is op not him.
If you want to play overwatch go sick i hear its story mode is amazing I play unchanted 4 people can play more than one game.

you mention Overwatch has an amazing story but it has no singleplayer mode to tell it in. the story is all told in comics/shorts outside of the game. i think if the put more character background in the game somehow it would be better. regarding Battleborn, actually i disagree here as well. the one thing battleborn has going is its hero personalities. i enjoy playing all the heroes and can tell a difference when i switch to a new one. they have a lot of lines in the game as well that project their personality. Attikus is a brute, orendi is nuts (screaming out phrase as she attacks. “Die in a fire!” etc), toby is supposed to be a the cute apologetic killer, marquis - german robot sniper butler gentleman, caldrius just gives me the whole megatron vibe which i love, montana dumb big dude with a minigun, oscar mike fits the soldier role and whiskey foxtrot is more of a focused type with his single target killing power, Reyna ive just been loving playing support as her. she can kill when needed and her shield is invaluable to the team.

to me this is what battleborn has going for it, maybe there are some imbalances in the play and some of the matchmaking systems are an issue,but im having a lot of fun playing as the different heroes. i didnt get that with overwatch beta. the whole hero switching mechanic made the heroes feel more specialized and less badass. they were just counters to other heroes and lacked the personality in game that battleborn has. also i noticed overwatch was much more focused on gameplay to drive the enjoyment. this was fun when i on a good team but that rarely happened for me in solo que. without any progession system for the heroes, it felt like the gameplay was all the enjoyment. they are different games and i think people can enjoy both (batteborn fun interesting heroes and progession systems, overwatch crisp smooth gameplay).

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The only issue I have with battleborns story is its destiny-esque type lore roll out in that lore challenges give you more intersting lore than the story mode does.

I can’t be the only one who wants to know the deal between ISIC and Kleese, more about each faction, why the jennerit characters are fighting with battleborn when their faction is a part antagonist along will varelsi, whats the deal with orendi etc etc

Im sure future dlc will dive into all of this, but the story mode starts at the end. It wouldve been way more fun for the story to evolves with the battleborns. I loved unlocking characters after doing a mission for them. They all made sense. You capture ISIC, rescue calderias and boldur.

Missions where you break into rendains fortress and show rath the truth, go to the LLCs ship to shutdown the rogue magnus at the request of phoebe or rescue an eldrid village from a jennerit varelsi invasion to save thorn because melka has a connection. It seemed they rushed to end with just soooooo much story left out :(.

But battleborn has way more potential with its story (its characters arnt stereorypical “heroes”) and the pvp has more interesting play which makes watching more entertaining. Overwatch is too similar to the regular superheroes assemble trope (avengers? Thunderbirds?)

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they almost need a story mode for each faction. this would be a lot of work i understand but having the story for each faction first to get some background on them seperately andthen going into the missions as they have would make a lot more sense. the missions they have to join together to defeat one evil. the side stories about each faction could be more focused on development of those heroes.

Agreed 100%. Sadly rendain needed to be the last dlc for the “save solus” story. Then you can release the varelsi expansion, then the jennerit empire resurgence, then the battleborns splinter saga, which would introduce new characters to replace deserters and bring about all new story missions on how their recruited.

Jennerit aren’t actually with the varelsi. I mean, not all of them. It’s just rendain, who took over Jenerrit power from the empress IIRC so that the empire could survive the varelsi attack. Even being ■■■■■■■■, Jennerit know that the Varelsi are a bigger threat, thus deserted from Rendain’s power to aid defeat them. After he dies they’ll probably go back to the empire

Thanks for all the constructive feedback guys. I just really was stoked for this game and here’s hoping most of you are correct about the balancing and long term content being released. Also if anyone would like to play and give me tips and pointers about how to best go about certain characters hit me up on Xbox one and ps4.


See how you are interested in relationships between characters and intrigued by motivations rather than asking, wanting to dive deeper into that rather than questioning them? That to me is good atory telling, good character creation.

Kleese and ISIC have a past, they do not like each other, Kleese is actually afraid of ISIC until you subdue him.

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ISIC was the LLC’s CEO, but when the magna carta hit, Kleese had to become CEO, ultimately ■■■■■■■ up a lot of LLC’s economic deals.

This explain’s ISIC’s Ex-CEO title :slight_smile:

But having to complete tasks (some rather tedious, 500 kills with a 20s+cd that doesnt have the power to 1shot for example) for that lore seems silly. Id rather look through lvls for codexs, discs and other secrets than have to mindly repeat certain lvls to get the lore challenge completed.

Heheehh, I let others work on Lore challenges to share the story of characters I’m less interested in.

For others, working on their lore can be a rewarding experience. Some more than others.

Thorn’s, 25 kills while airborne seems resiculously difficult, but for some, they’ll relish the challenge.

And coming across a Master of Thorn, or with her legendary lets me know that players can handle Thorn. Its pretty awe inspiring to me and it affects how I approach that combo of player and character.

Some folks don’t want to grind for story, I get it.
No need when in a few mre weeks, there will be plenty of wiki, and websites to unveil the full lore.

For many other dolks, that “grind” is the joy.

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Its actually really easy just jump when your about to get the kill