Disappointing balance and lackluster story

From my understanding isic took El dragon’s arms and that’s why he has robot arms, think Jax and Ermac in mortal kombat

Yeah I done it in around four games, I used the slow helix on her aoe and trapped them 1st then jump for the kill

Well, if by that, you mean they can tell bad stories, then yeah, they’re masters at that. I actually quit WoW solely due to how horrible the writing became. Diablo 3’s story was better, in that it was mildly competent, if extremely predictable and dull.

I mean, Blizzard can make good games, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that the story is not one of the reasons why those games are good.

When I think of story I think campaign. Even if it is very well done outside of game it still hurts the overall story experience when we have to go somewhere else for it.

So what do you think about gearbox twisting the knife and lowering Battleborn to 40$ just two weeks after release?

Don’t really mind. I always had option of delaying purchase until a discount. But I decided to buy a few days after launch do full price. Though I had $20 on my psn account from a previous purchase so it wasn’t as bad for me. If it helps to increase player base then I’m all for it.

Thats abit harsh. You dont think vanilla, tbc, wotlk, cataclysm and the end of wod were good stories?

Diablo 3 in general and starcraft 1 & 2 were amazing lore wise. Not to mention the countless books that spawned from warcraft. I think their stories are one of their main redeeming qualities. Save for pandas. Even wod redeemed itself by the end. The end scene between thrall and garrosh was heart breaking and god dam awesome at the same time.

He was only the head of the robotics division

This is a deviation from the topic at hand, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Wrath was decent, though it had its nonsensical moments. Vanilla was also largely fine, if aimless due to not having a central antagonist. The rest were really, really bad, though. TBC was so long ago that by now most have forgotten how the Draenei/Blood Elf stuff simply made no sense. Cataclysm and Mists suffered heavily from bad character writing (Garrosh was awful in terms of consistency, seriously the most bungled character in the series) and demonizing the Horde for no reason. WoD is fanfic material at best, and bad fanfic at that (Seriously Nerzhul, what did they do to you!?)

I mean, I could write a ten page essay on why Warcraft lore is awful. In fact, I nearly have. I used to play on roleplay servers for a reason.

As for Diablo 3…I have no idea what anyone sees in that one. Every plot twist was blatantly obvious practically from the beginning (the stranger is Tyrael, the witch will betray you, the kid emperor is the demon you’re hunting, etc.) It’s just not horrible like Warcraft lore is, since it doesn’t have characters getting radically rewritten mid-game. It’s just trite and obvious.

Lol your right in deviating. Ill just say garrosh wasnt messed up if you understood the character.

Young child, son of the greatest hero of the horde, shadow of thrall, holds horde ideals to heart (strength and glory), beaten by thrall and magic, embraces sha corruption, does whatever it takes to return the horde to glory. Some aspects of thier lore could be better but in general its deep amd engaging.

Also ISIC left the Llc after the magna carta to pursue “cooler interests”. Also didnt see a way to beat the varelsi

Who, ISIC? Because the blog post states that every AI left the LLC after the magna carta, leaving kleese to manage everything

I only read ISICs lore challeneges.

I’m sorry but i wouldn’t not even call this a story. And I absolutely LOVED borderlands. I mean we get pretty much the exact same story screen before every single map. It’s all just different colored stars in space with some guy talking. I’ve tried to follow the story but it’s just not there. And I have a lot of fun with this game, don’t get me wrong. But to me the story is so bad, I don’t even feel the story being bad/non existent is even an opinion,more of a fact. Course, that’s just my opinion :slight_smile: