Disappointment after trying the new patch

I went in with neutral expectations, especially as a PC player. A few hours later, my game crashed for the first time ever, providing an appropriate end to a mediocre play experience. The new stuff didn’t really blow up my skirt, so to speak. If anyone cares why:

The Good:

  • Attacker/Defender buffs. It puts value back into focusing on minions, and makes Face-Off/Capture play far more intense.

  • The litany of targeted balance changes. Boldur can now be killed, thanks to no free Overshield on a whiff, Alani doesn’t solo entire teams with self-heals, Gal/Miko doesn’t instakill with IDTGA shotguns, and Bola’s Disease has seemingly been cured. It’s about damned time. I wish OM had gotten some love, but overall, it’s brought the gameplay back to a functional place.

  • No map selection on Quick Match. Yeah, it’s controversial, but it seems like the right choice for fielding an influx of new players. Get 'em playing with no waiting. I’m a poet.

  • 800 players last night. Hey, it’s better than 200.

The Gift Horse With Bad Teeth:

  • The Shard of Solus. I suppose 1.8 shards/sec makes it balanced, but that’s not my issue. It’s a 0-cost without a penalty, and a Legendary without a Legendary effect. The rule break bugs me, plus it’s somewhat useless to long-time players who already have all the 0-cost generators. The crown is cute, but when everyone is special, no one is.

The Very, Very Not Good:

  • Gear Flair. I misinterpreted the patch notes, and thought it was a modifier item we could apply to Gear, or perhaps a Gear slot in a loadout. I was really hoping it was something you could detach and reattach ad infinitum. But sadly, it’s all permanently affixed, plus it’s also considered a super-lucky rarity, so that’s more absurd RNG on top of the already lousy Gear RNG. I was totally down with a system of minor cosmetic items, especially if it involved copying Japan’s best mobile game ideas (i.e. a fair gacha), but this feels like it’s copying the worst, or perhaps summoning the demon responsible for Borderlands 2 rarest skin drops. When combined with the new Magnus Pack offering, this all feels too exploitative of obsessive players, and even then, I’m not sure Gear Flair will actually be effective whale bait. A system like this could really use a crafting element to flesh it out, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Just a little more on Gear Flair: I sold two of the pieces of Gear from the Founder’s Pack, before I realized that the Flair was attached to some Common junk I’d never use. I strongly suggest that the presence of Gear Flair be made more obvious, perhaps by changing the color of the entire Gear card, or giving it a special border. It also sucks that it overwrites the Gear’s flavor text. In a ideal universe, the Gear Flair would be on the back of the card, and you’d press a key/button to flip it, to reveal the Flair and what it will actually will look like.

  • KO Flair. Like Gear Flair, I thought it would be an option like a skin or a taunt, bought once at a high Platinum cost, to customize a player’s KO whenever they felt like it. Instead, it’s… a 24-hour booster? What’s it boosting? Egomania? I could perhaps see a week, maybe, but a day? This just feels like more fuel for the weird internet bullies, at least those willing to pay real money to kick more digital sand in the face of victims.

  • The same ol’ netcode, or so it seems. Smooth play for minutes, turn a corner, unpredictable choke, rubberbanding, and it all falls apart. Maybe it’s a little more stable than before, but I still had someone else’s cross-planet lag turn a potentially beautiful multikill into a ridiculous failure.

  • A new breed of toxicity, heralded by the free trial. It only took me three matches to have it grace my screen. “Git gud or GTFO, F2P feeder trash.” “I’m not gonna carry you F2P losers.” And so on, except peppered with lots of expletives. Keep in mind, there’s no real way to tell who is F2P, but the insults fly anyway.

  • As expected, there’s no anti-cheat on PC (unless there’s something significant going on behind the scenes), so there’s already F2P Marquis aimbotters running around on smurf accounts (EDIT: They could also be accounts that bought/traded for a really cheap Steam key, coming back to cheat against F2P, as it’s difficult to tell the difference.) Granted, in Battleborn, cheaters can still die to a skilled player, but it disrupts the integrity of a match. They don’t play the objective, and they change the landscape into something cheap and pointless.

  • As expected, Veteran players are banding together to slaughter new players with the help of flawless Gear loadouts. What else is new?

I’ll still give it a week or two, but it’s looking like PC is going to eat itself alive again, and I’ve already seen that show. Spoiler alert, it sucks. Kudos to Gearbox, and thanks for all the hard work. It was a good try. Really. I mean, it got me to poke my head back in, if only for a little while. I hope it takes better root on console.


Not to disparage your whole thread, and my main point is kind of random to the main context of your post :slight_smile:
but Shard of Solus is specifically for…Reyna and Miko. Those two characters had no real 0 cost shard generator that didn’t hurt them as well. They are unique in that both of them utilize heal power and both of them rely on reload speed. Usually the non healers used negative heal power. Everyone else used reload speed. It’s completely massive to both miko and reyna that this came out.

-Back to your post, it seems you don’t dig the cosmetic flair stuff. Honestly…it really doesn’t seem like much of an issue to me - even as someone like myself who is not into cosmetics that much. It’s the type of thing that if that was my number one ■■■■■■■■■, that’s a pretty minor “number one” ■■■■■■■■■ to have.

-Then you talk about netcode…dunno about that. Im a ps4 guy and it’s just not my topic to ■■■■■■■ on.

-A new level of toxicity due to FTP. You really didn’t see a bit of toxicity coming from vets to new players? I really wouldn’t fault the game for this. BB is way less toxic than games like smite and paragon…and stuff like OW in my experience.

  • no anti cheat…can’t ■■■■■■■ on… console master race does not have the problem of needing to deal with anti cheat stuff.

  • for your final point, there is a novice queue now that can prepare new ones much better. It takes time to hit 20

Hope it works out for you. I’m not one to rose color glass these type of things but outside of the net code and anti cheat stuff (purely PC), I found most of your other negatives that caused you to sour on this update as kind of nit picky


I suppose. I always brought three pieces of cheap Gear instead, or better yet, an Epic LLC battery with Shard gen. Still, if it’s for Reyna and Miko, is there going to be something for the new players? I feel like they deserve an equivalent, sans flair.

Still waiting on that Gear overhaul…

Well, I didn’t list all the other preexisting conditions this game has, just stuff relevant to the update. I could go on about all the other things I hate about this game, but I won’t.

I actually really like the shard of solus as a legendary. It has a black lotus feel to it almost


Or a Mox Topaz, perhaps?

Maybe all 0-cost Shard gens should be Legendary, as M:TG homage.

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Lemme think…

Emerald green
Sapphire blue
Ruby red
Jet black
Opal white

Ah that must be the colorless Mox then! I knew there was one of those bit it’s not the a power 9 so I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking more along the lines that shard of solus could go on any toon like a lotus could go in any deck while a mis colored Mox might stagger your ability to cast a spell which is kinda the equivalent of using a flawed gen on a toon that would be hindered by the flaw.

I certainly think the shard gens ought to be legendary. They are certainly stupid powerful like one.

Sry for the derailment. Love me some mtg XD

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M:TG derailment is good derailment.


how are you playing with F2P players already?

Unless they are invited by a friend who already has access to the main game then they wont be allowed into gen pop until CR 20.

Just sounds to me like you are rusty and going against a good marquis which is an obvious pick if your on PC playing an FPS


You can always check their levels in-game or in character selection screen. And you can go to their profiles and see how much they have played Battleborn (if the profile is not hidden from public, usually the toxic people are the ones who have their profiles hidden). If they have ~2-8 hours of gameplay - then you know he is a new player, but if you see someone like… me, you will see a number in thousands of hours.

If a person is insulting you - block them on steam, you will not see any messages in-game from them till the end of time ^^. I always block as soon as someone says something stupidly toxic.

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As a PVE/Bots Battle player, the only thing good in the patch was tweeking Bots Battle so you can complete all lore and quests. Would have been nice to have all the vs maps available in Bots Battle to keep us interested.

By the time the “trial” players start buying the game, it would be nice if there were some “old” PVE players still playing to show them around; they’ll want gear sometime.


People only have to ask (I watch reddit and the forum for those). Sometimes I see someone asking for help in PvE and if their gaming time overlaps with mine (and they are on PC) I will try to play some games with them. Also was quite often found in the normal mode PvE queue when there still was the occasional player to be found and made a few friends through that, but lately this had been empty and if I want to play solo I just skip the waiting and play a private game.

Should there ever be an event that opens the PvE queue for trial users (maybe for a day or so), I probably will be found there to help them out.


I guess I’m am old PvE player. I wouldn’t say I’m great at it but have had a lot of fun messing around in the missions and some ops since launch. Have a Crapton of gear and legendaries I never use. Still doing some lore challenges so I mess around in bots battle. The main issue for me is some ops are only available solo now. Have yet to find a match for the new ekkunar ops it seems to be dead. I’ve done it a few times solo but i guess the pop is too low to support it. I hope f2p brings in more people to by the game and play the PvE stuff. Sadly I don’t think PvP will hold new players interest long enough to learn the characters and want to keep exploring them. It will be a stomp fest once they hit level 20 which shouldn’t be long. Need a lot of training to be serviceable in PvP and without PvE to practice in will be a quick decline.

For starters, it wasn’t a “good” Marquis. In this case, he disrupted the match by handicapping his team into a loss, because he assumed an aimbot would be an automatic win. All he did was snipe with perfect accuracy, throw out Owls randomly, and completely ignore the objectives. He went around 5-2, and was practically no help to anyone.

The population on PC is so low, it’s pretty obvious when you’ve come across an unknown player, and easy to confirm it by checking their Steam profile. If you’ve been playing FPS games for years, it’s not hard to tell when you’re fighting with an aimbot user. The players that use aimbots typically aren’t that good otherwise, so there’s lots of tells in the way they attack. As most any aimbot comes with some sort of wallhack, they’ll focus on a single player the second they turn a corner, right up until the point they duck behind map geometry. A good sniper will quickly shift targets when they know a kill isn’t going to be secured, but an aimbot is sticky, and will hold on to the lock, especially if you dance near a corner and bait the behavior.

It’s true, the one cheater I came across (a friend saw a completely different cheater, so that’s two) might not have been F2P. As PC copies have been available for less than 5 USD, it might have been a so-called Founder, checking to see if their cheats worked post-patch.

That… never occurred to me. F2P players can’t get Story Gear at all. That’s rough. It’s a shame they’re not rotating PVE as well…

Makes sense for Reyna (her shield scales off skill damage I’ve ehard) but not for Miko since he does no real skill damage. Even then every character has a zero shard gen and zero wrench they can use. Shard of Solus is actually WORSE because it gives 1.8.

Miko’s poison is based on skill damage, not to mention at least for PvE his 10R is a very powerful ability, which is hurt quite a bit by the negative skill damage.

Personally I run Miko with Skill damage, Attack power and Shard/Healing depending on the mission, and if I am in a PUG or prebuilt. But I might be odd since I run an offensive Miko build.

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Think about the kind of people that throw out those types of insults. You’re giving them a lot of credit thinking they’ll even bother to check.

His Biosynthesis self heal, poison, spore bomb, Fungus Among Us heal, and level 10 helix Viscous Strain all scale with skill damage.

And Kid Ultra is the other character out of the 3 that don’t have zero cost shard gens that don’t affect them negatively.

The only thing I hate about the legendary free shard regen is that stupid looking crown upon my head for every character… Would be nice if they gave us 3/4/5 choices of SHIFT codes with the same legendary but different flair, and only one can be activated.

Yeah that, I’m not wearing a crown, no way.

As for PvE yes!
I want this game to find random players or bots with me for OPs and Story missions.

I won’t wear it either.

I’m not sure a crown was the best choice to denote a Founder. I don’t want to be seen as royalty for playing the game before now, especially to new players. I would have preferred something more subtle, like a little Battleborn logo lapel pin, or something sillier, like a fruit hat, or a Borderlands Bandit mask.

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