Disc unreadable issue. But there's no disc in my Xbox

When I try to play some DLC it comes up with the message “disc unreadable”. There’s only one small issue. I don’t have any discs in my Xbox 360. I have been playing this DLC without issue for years. Any advice?

The 360 doesn’t always give the most helpful error messages…

Unless you did something recently that might have caused licence issues (e.g. transferring your profile to a different 360 temporarily, switching hard drive, etc.) then it’s a possibility that your hard drive is showing signs of age.

I’d suggest looking through System > Storage > Drive > Games & Apps > BL2, to see if there’s a ! warning beside the DLC file name. The Account tab has a Licence Transfer option you could hit, and you could then go into your downloads history, to re-downloading the DLC (shouldn’t take long if the file is basically ok).

You may want to take some pre-emptive measures, though, and back up all your game saves before you do anything else. Do you use Cloud Storage, or just the internal hard drive?

Tried everything and it’s only happening with Tiny Tina DLC now. Every time I load into the DLC it just says disc unreadable and kicks me back to the dashboard. Formatted my hard-drive and cleared system cache and re-downloaded everything, but still no use. I doubt this is a hard-drive only problem because if you Google it, it seems to be happening to lots of people and I’ve never had this problem with any other game.

Then, since you’ve tried pretty much everything I would have tried, all I can suggest is submitting a formal support ticket with Gearbox: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us