Disciples of the fault skins?

Please help! So i bought season pass 2 and i read that you get the “disciples of the fault” skins for every character with it (NOTE: im NOT talking about the first multiverse skin set) i installed the DLC and started my game and everything seems to work, however i can’t seem to find the skins in the customization machine or in mail, anyone know if i have to do something else first?

They will be added to the game with Director’s Cut dlc on April 8.


ahh okay! thanks, thats finally a answer haha. ive been googling this all day and trying things in game to maybe unlock it, leaving me in despair since i just couldnt find out how or where to get them. also i thought it would come out on march the 18th, did that change? or am i simply just mistaken?

That was initial release date, but was postponed. You can find more info why in News section.


thank you <3