Disconnect In the Prologue [Edit: Maybe an option to skip the prologue?]

I’ve yet to get through the prologue because I’ve been disconnected 5 times now. It tells me everytime that Xbox live has disconnected, but when i check, I’m still connected.
Is this going to be a consistent issue? Should I go beg Xbox for a refund?

Maybe an option to skip the prologue? I’ve sat through the the awesome shamploo-esque opening 5 times now. There’s nothing I like that I’ll watch that much. Its getting old and I just want to get into the game.

I have the same problem. Since launch day i cant pass prologue. Keep getting same error you said.

Yes me to , taken the game back and got another but crashes in exactly the same place every time gearbox can you please tell me what to do to get this game playable it is seriously do my head in if not then I’m going to take it back and get a refund roughly 6 minutes 20 seconds into the prologue crashes in front of where I meet deande same place ever time , this says my connection to Xbox live was lost but is absolute ■■■■■■■■ as though the chances of this happening at the same point on two different desks every single time I play it is probably millions to 1 please tell me please tell me how we can sort this out