Disconnect Issues in private campaign missions

Hi there,

it seems that I’m disconnecting in random situations during campaign missions. I was playing together several different missions with my girlfriend while one of us get randomly kicked out of the running game and forced the other one to complete the mission alone or start over again since there is no possibility to reconnect or rejoin the group even in “singleplayer-mode”. Has anyone else experienced those issues or could this be a problem with our connection?

I had to quit and reconnect after being stuck (private story, 3 players). worked flawlessly.

you need to go story -> click on a mission, and then a popup asks you about a disconnect and if you’d like to reconnect, yes / no.

this did not work, however, when the steam servers disconnected all the players and progress was lost entirely (server-wide, all 25+ friends in Battleborn friendlist)

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Ah, this is a good point - will surely try this next time. Thanks in advance.

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Im experiencing a similar problem. Im playing with one friend and usually, i am the host. Never had any disconnection problems until episode 6. I disconnected once, went back into the game (like 10Tacle explained) and after that, every 2-3 minutes i disconnected again. That happened 5 more times, i was even lucky to get the mission ending, otherwhise i would have to play it again from the beginning.
Since we were talking over skype im certain that my internet didnt disconnect, it was a problem with the game. Anyone has an idea where this problem could come from?