Disconnect & Surrender

Maybe only penalize for disconnecting and not rejoining? I understand some people have bad internet, but the game does allow you to join back in. Disconnects per day sounds like a decent idea though. Or maybe penalize the player with a 30 min ban. If they quit for a legitimate reason (have to suddenly leave, kids etc.), it shouldnt affect them much anyways, but would stop people from quitting if they don’t get their map or character.

As for surrender, I fully with not letting the winning team do it. You’d be surprised how many jokers have called for a vote when we’re up by 100 playing meltdown. Not letting surrender within the last 5-10 min would be good too, it would help the winning team get some of the challenges.

Disconnects are starting to really grind my gears. I’ve just been through four games in a row that were disconnected because three of my teammates left, and there were an insufficient number of players to start the game. Or when you’re a quarter of the way into an incursion mode, and two of your teammates quit because you got pushed once. Really getting annoying!
Never give up! My game I just had after that, we started strong, got their sentry to 86, they pushed us and kept at us and killed our sentry. We held them, they never got to our second, and we pushed and killed them with 8 minutes left, killed their first sentry and got the second to 45. They pushed us back and we held, wiped them again and the game ended, we won. You just need to work as a team, get mics!


I would never quit on a game, but I did once have a mortifying experience where I was valiantly fighting a completely one-sided game of Capture and my internet dropped out. It took five minutes to reconnect to my ISP, which is usual for me, and the game was long gone by then. It bothered me then to think people might assume I’d bailed. It’d upset me even more if the game itself had penalized me for it…

Not a bad idea. I;ve said as much myself in other threads that to me, it;s not the mechanics ITS THE PEOPLE WHO ABUSE THEM. Surrender Trolls, whiny toddlers who don’t get their way and throw tantrums, general fun killers and joy murderers the lot, they abuse the system to just annoy the tar out of their teams into giving em what they want.

I generally Ignore em and if they keep calling for votes I make sure to vote no just to tick em off. Yeah it;s infantle but seriously the team wants to fight it out so STFU, either help us out or quit and wait in the corner while we handle business.

If your just unlucky and have non stable internet then in no way should you be penalized, not fair and you have no control whatsoever about when or if your ISP is gonna go down, have server issues, pork or generally go " NOPE" right when you need internet. Specially if your on WiFi - side note gamers if possible use Cat 5 connections, since I switch to corded for my console the speed is huge and reliable without worrying about singal strength.-

So yeah thats fair, if you disconnect and don;t rejoin - since 99% of people who are unwillingly dropps do rush back to help and get back in the game- then yeah, given em a fine or a mark on their account, rack up enough and maybe temp ban em, or suspend their accounts for like 24 hours. Make it known that accidental disconnects are cool but if you leave just to be a dick your gonna get a bit more then player hate. I’m ok with that concept.

No winning team should surrender, but again. PLAYERS thinking they are cute and screwing their mates over. “hey guys we are winning lets surrender and be total trolls” yeah, not gonna make ya friends kiddo. I think most of us here would likely rage scream and plot global conquest if our winning team surrendered. it has not happened to me. Yet. If it has to you then I admit it likely sucked and your rage was well deserved.

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I like the people in this thread. Wish I had your backup when I made my case against surrendering.

There should be a way for the game to distinguish between disconnecting from a match by using the Quit option and disconnecting from the game altogether due to loss of Internet connection. Assuming this is the case, there should be a more severe penalty for deliberately quitting a game.

As for surrenders, they need to be there for use in circumstances where your team is getting utterly trashed in situations like I posted elsewhere (please read the whole thing not just the snippet below):

Projection?[quote=“Crucible-Prime, post:8, topic:1479501”]
Surrender Trolls, whiny toddlers
[/quote] contradiction? [quote=“Crucible-Prime, post:8, topic:1479501”]
so STFU, either help us out or quit


In anticipation: I did not direct any comments towards anyone, please read again, and again. English is not hard.

Anyhow, I will call surrender several times in a match not because I am a surrender troll but because another mechanic exist that does not allow me to start another match without the current one ending. This is frustrating especially when you are hypothetically 12-1 kd, 63 minion kill/ 20 objective and the rest of the team is 0-7 kd 13 minion kill/ 5 objective. I want to have fun, just in another match…

kill/death ratio is not a key factor in this game, it’s not Call of Duty. It’s a team game based around getting minions into grinders to score points or taking down Sentry Bots. There’s many a game where I have chosen characters that are in a supportive role and they don’t get many kills at all (or even none) but score well in other aspects such as healing, guiding minions, destroying buildables etc. This is why the devs have said that they are going to be reworking the Score indicator in a match which is currently based on 2 x kills + 1 x assists as it’s a poor reflection of how team members are actually performing.

Deaths feed the other team. Other team grow strong. Strong team wamy bam small team.

Wammy wam wam bam no good. Title not ducky. duck o ducky Title not other thingy.

Team mate maybe smashy control? Team mate die? :open_mouth: They die again again. Team mate die lot.

Other guy spinny win win. Surrender? Team mate no surrender. sad. Other guy spinny win win.

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Spinny win win. So if there’s a Rath on the opposing team using Dreadwind you vote for surrender? That is what I got from your post. Stop patronising other people, we’re here to have discussions not prove who has the superior intellect.

As a side note, I recently played my most brutal and exciting Meltdown match, and our MVP was a Thorn who was 1-11. That’s one kill and eleven deaths. MVP why? Because he/she had 103 minion kills and many times sacrificed him/herself to destroy minions, including and especially towards the end when the score was 395-390 in our favour and Thorn took down a full minion wave and Elite minion solo and died in the process to give us the win 395-393. I have a screenshot of that game if you’d like to see it, our team was also 21 kills down but we still won.


I don’t think s/he’s done any favours regarding their intellect. :wink:

Spot on. I’ve seen this in matches, players on my team with ‘rubbish’ k/d but they’d done brilliantly in minion squashing/building etc and without them we’d not have got the win.

Like I said, k/d isn’t a key factor in winning a match and the sooner that some folks with the CoD mentality grasp that, the better for the rest of us.


The intent of my post was not to point out there is a Rath on the other team, nor to patronize anyone. Rather, that kill death actually matters. A needless death because someone over extends means someone or multiple person on the other team will get stronger. In my original post the hypothetical player with a higher kill death also has a significant minion kill which mean that said player is playing the object.

The suggestion in this thread is to penalize a player calling for surrender? Why? The answers from this thread seem to suggest that they are doing so in order to impede the fun of others. This is not the case. As I have stated I will call for surrender multiple times in a match that is lost. To penalize someone for such a small matter that could be ignored is ridiculous.

As for your mvp with 103 minion kills, I did not suggest such a thing could not happen. Nor did I suggest that the correlation between kd always indicates the outcome of a match. I reiterate the suggestion in this thread is to penalize someone for calling for surrender which I disagree. As for the topic of penalizing a player for quitting, that is a topic that is expected.

I don’t appreciate you direct comments towards me. Obviously this is not call of duty, if anyone was patronizing it was not I.

Don’t respond with patronising posts then like your last one. :slight_smile:

As for penalising people calling for surrenders, I agree with you that this is wrong, there should be no penalty for calling for this. There are perfectly valid reasons why surrenders are invoked (and I cited one example in a previous post). There may be some merit in some change in how surrender works to prevent unwarranted ones e.g. when the opposition is just 50 points ahead or they are only a few points of victory.

We are in a forum for Battleborn. The obvious cannot be stated enough. As for my first post each quote I merely asked a question to which I expected no reply. My anticipation had a specific person in mind, and that person was not the person I quoted.



That won’t work though. If they were to make it that the penalty is less if internet connection is lost then people will just start pulling the ethernet cables out of the back of their computer.

That is true, yes, but that’s more effort than just quitting the game (and likely requires the game to be restarted which is more faff). Though some might do this, most probably won’t. It’s a no win situation really, there is no ideal solution that works for all situations.

I don’t claim to understand the mind of people who screw their teams like this but I’m willing to bet they will do whatever it takes to get away with this behavior with no punishment. If their thought is they are going to waste their time by playing that round for whatever reason, restarting the game is nothing compared to the 30 minutes they think they are saving.

@MarXmaN: Heh if you would have asked this of me ohh 2 weeks ago I likely would have put my mind on the other side of the fence. But I matured in the game, grasped the mechanics and means to actuall roll back a stomping and have come to note the trolls and abusive players more frequently. Largely I maintain it’s still a Ranked mentality and the core issue is putting 5 mans against pugs in a open match when you know the 5 mans are gonna be super competitive. But still I’ve had games where I went in with randos and assumed " we are gonna get soo trounced" and the 5 mans just utterly sucked, we rickrolled them with only modest effort. Granted I was exceptionally lucky because matchmaking gave me some amazing team players but still.

@Martok: Agreed. but I dunno if they could make the game recognize a “quit” from a “internet failure” if they can and could then maybe we could ask for something like that. Be nice to at leasxt know that the jerk who rage quit is gonna get something for screwing his team over.

@revelation2216: I got a warn once already this month so I’m just gonna smile and nod. Your a ranked player I can tell so have a good day. I’m not gonna go any further here. Agree to disagree strongly and leave it there. Just hope your not on PS4 cause sorry but I want you nowhere near my team.

@Slif_One: Holy crap that was a tight match! I love matches like that, have had a few and they really make things interesting don’t they. Your Thorn must have been balls out on point. to make those amazing plays herself.

@Rathborn. Likely your right. If they get vetoed they rage quit. least now we get the joy of knowing that they left their team in the lurch and can’t do SQUAT else until the game ends which can take a while if you have a team capable of a 4v5 as I have had dozens of times. Moron calls for surrender, we say hell no, kick into gear and start rolling it back only for them to quit. Still 20 minutes later they come back and usually get on mic to offer us some Whine and chips as to why we are still in game and keeping them from having fun. Look sorry but look at the score WE ARE WINNING. we are not gonna surrender with a lead when theres time to solidly win this. Go back to base and mope or bugger back off. the best feeling I get is not only rolling it back but holding that line and making the other guys surrender. I just love that, few teams I have ever had were that good but the few that were ended games like Silf_One’s match ended, they just gave right up because they could not close the deal. It was a good match and I tend to just give everyone a GG in that case.

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In theory it’s possible. Quitting a game using the quit option sends a ‘message’ to the server saying you are leaving the game, whilst an internet dropout means your just disappear and stop sending ‘messages’ to the server. It’d be a similar principle to how your PlayStation knows you shut it down properly rather than just switching it off at the power socket, or a PC program knows when it’s been quit properly as opposed to you force switching off your PC without shutting things down first.

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Hrm, true. I forgot that my console does actually know when it;s been killed improperly. it does give you a " the system was shutdown improperly" screen if I have like a power failure or something. Your likely right, if they can jgger a means for their system to use the existing ways PC’s and consoles record and recognize things it’s a possible solution. Good point.