Disconnected players extending match/mission start times

Ever had this? You finally get matched up with a group of players, pick the mission, skip the mission intro and suddenly someone disconnects.

Now, due to this game having a somewhat neat system of drop-in/drop-out for missions, the game still treats that disconnected player as a person in the lobby, which needlessly extends the wait time for everyone else who has chosen their characters and are ready to start.

Suggestion: if a disconnected player is gone longer than 20 seconds, permanently remove them from the mission server and allow the rest of the players to get on with their fun a bit quicker.

The game does this on the off chance the player may reconnect during that time. It’s happened to me where I lost connection and made it back just in time to pick a character. Other times I didn’t get back fast enough and found myself with a randomly selected character.

And it works for some. We had a group of 3 join us in a game, one got kicked during character selection. He rejoined, picked his toon and we started.

The biggest problem with this system is if someone does leave on purpose, they can’t be replaced. Or if your doing a PRIVATE mission for example, your friends can’t join in once you’ve started it. That really sucks.