Disconnecting always on map selection

I should most likely say 2/3 times it feels like I get disconnected. Some days never have an issue it actually depends on what time and how many different maps I choose. Which is odd, like if I go from playing 3 pve mission then queue for pvp and get Coldsnap on meltdown I will dc after it was selected in map selection.

I have a NAT: moderate ( connection

I can’t even go into a private match, that I setup, and I’m in there alone and sometimes I get connection timeout. I can then rejoin it but it is a nuisance ffs.

I have another person in the house who has this game and plays it on the PS4 doesn’t have this issue at all.

I really enjoy this game, but I can see myself walking away from it because every time I get into matchmaking and we select a match it is a dice-roll whether or not I can get into the game.

I really want to support this game, I went ahead and got the season pass because I enjoyed playing in the beta, didn’t have issues there. Now since release I have had these issues.

I getting tired of it all really. It’s too late for a refund, and I’ve gone on reddit to look up posts about port forwarding for this game but they send you to a beta forum post which is inaccessible since the beat is over. idk

It gets really frustrating when you queue for pvp and then are the guy that left the match made it a 9/9 is doing everything they can to try to rejoin and the servers are like nah.
I would just like help solving this issue so I can play the game with no worries.