Disconnections from matches

surely it is not just me, but I have been disconnected a lot since I have got the game, sometimes as many as 10 times just completing one story mode. I have done nothing but say such great things about this game to my friends who Im sure will be buying the game before long. I am just getting really tired of the disconnects, it seems to be way worse in story mode but it makes it pretty much impossible to play solo because my game disappears before I can reconnect to it. I would at least like to know i am not the only one because my teammates never seem to have the same issue.

There’s been a lot of connection issues lately, both related to people staying in games, and a few days ago with even being able to initialize and connect to the servers if you were a new player. For a while I couldn’t play a match without getting disconnected 1-2 times and that’s still happening now and then. It definitely isn’t just you and I’d imagine it will get ironed out in time, though it couldn’t hurt to see if there might be some kind of interruption on your end just in case.

I dunno, I really don’t think its my system. It just confuses me that the people i team up with rarely disconnect at all, and usually if they do they don’t come back, so maybe thats all it is. Seems like a really really stupid idea to be doing this double xp weekend thing before they have that issue a little more under control

Yeah I feel you. I’m not even sure its the G.box servers though, since it doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone. It might be something along the way there that’s causing the problem. Hopefully it gets resolved soon regardless.

I cannot even stay connected long enough to match with a PVP group before it tells me that the internal servers times out. Then when I try to get back in, it tells me that “Player authentication failed.” I had no problems playing match after match just 2 days ago, and it’s not my wifi or system… Anyone else having this problem?