Disconnects before toon choice

Could we have the game not default to a character choice if disconnected before the match begins. Rejoining to a random toon isnt fun if you werent looking for random. Why not just require a choice before spawning in?


I’m not sure if that’s possible within the games programming but what do I know?

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because that, imo, could be exploited to pick good counters, just connect with 5, 2 disconnect while selection, and rejoin after the other 3 know what enemys they get, the two can choose from best counters, if you ask me, this will end up with all premades will join with two or three


I agree, this would be nice. However, it may not be possible and there are some valid exploitation concerns as mentioned above.

I think the ability to select certain characters for “random” would be nice (via some sort of check box system or something). That way, you can pick all of the characters you don’t mind playing and avoid getting stuck with a character you absolutely dislike playing. The “random” feature would pick from those pre-selected options so that you would end up with one of the characters you had chosen. Now, the game would need to either require you to pick at least 5 characters for that random pool (so you’d always have one available to get slotted into) or it would need to go truly random if you, say, only pick two characters for the “random pool” and both were already taken by teammates.

You don’t get to see their picks prior to selecting your own, so unless someone is going out of their way to get information from the remaining 2 or 3 then no “accidental exploitation” is going to happen.

For those who would go out of their way to game such a system, well, I can’t imagine that would be much of a problem. There is no competitive ranking to build up to incentivize this kind of cheat, and such a move could be prevented by not allowing rejoining a match in ranked.

But I think the real answer is to have the game give you a choice based on your most played character not currently being played by someone else. Then you’r guaranteed someone in your top 5 toons.