Disconnects from game server (Overgrowth)

Just to report that I am experiencing occasional disconnects from overgrowth pvp matches.

Most noticeable on Marquis, when shots don’t hit large easy to hit target.

Twice now on overgrowth i have had the lag effect when everyone freezes for 10-15 sec and then i reappear dead.

Once (match id 20160604-0dc168b7-38e3-480d-8334-8e76eb78d4b6) i was completely disconnected from the lobby and when re-queueing it started to form a new group. But after 4 or 5 mins (and restart the game) I could rejoin the existing lobby back with my friend.
In this match, another on our team was also disconnected at the same time as myself, and he never reconnected at all.

During all of these occasions I had Teamspeak on and talking easily to my friends so i do not think the connection problem was to do with my internet.

Hope this helps you track whatever-it-is down :slight_smile:

I’m having similar problems. I died 3 times in this game apparently lol